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MESSE06: Numark iDJ2 Nails iPod Mixing for DJs
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Payam    Said...

The iDJ2 is a worthless product, DO NOT waste your money on this. The features are great, but the unit is completely unstable, it shut down on me in the middle of a gig, and left me with nothing. It has all kinds of bugs and glitches, and when you contact Numark they say that there is nothing wrong with it, even though it kept freezing, shutting, etc. Save youself the headache, time, and money, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

29-Oct-07 09:04 AM

Jerome Sanchez    Said...

Hello, I noticed this isj2 has a record button but mine doesnt? why is that? i am tryin to record a mix but i csnt cause the sound quality sucks, please help

14-Oct-11 05:28 PM

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