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MESSE06: Numark Change DJ’s Performance Set Up
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DJ Barry    Said...

I just bought a Director D2 and spent most of the weekend playing with it. This is a very nice unit in that it does allow you to search while playing and also allows you to automatically play from the crate. It however falls short of expectations from a professional view in that it uses Fat32 as the drive format. The limitation with Fat32 formating is 32GB per partition. Large libraries of music can be many times this amount. Also, I have yet to figure how to automatically have the unit mix and fade from one player to the other. It does a great job of automatically loading a player when the previous song ends, but As A DJ, I hate dead air time. There has to be music at all times. I am anxiously awaiting the next software update in hopes these issues are corrected.

20-Aug-07 02:20 PM

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