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MESSE06: WIDI - Wirelesss MIDI
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mnc    Said...

Hey, when is this supposed to ship? I ordered it in August, now its October, my vendor says it won't be in until November. What's the scoop from yamaha or cme about ship date?

10-Oct-06 04:50 PM

Nobody    Said...

I understand CME have been having some 'general manufacturing' problems - not sure what they are, but these things usually revolve around the factory making some inferior units that the are rejected, so they have to go back to the drawing board in some cases.

Perhpas this is what has happened to this one?

11-Oct-06 05:01 AM

mnc    Said...

dam* i hope not. i'd rather not have to get a midair 25 and use their keyboard.

11-Oct-06 10:34 PM

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