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WNAMM06: Korg Radias Video Evidence
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paul courville is a.k.a. Cyberdude    Said...

Ready to sell Triton Le...

18-Jan-07 09:38 PM

Matt Simpson    Said...

Nice, iv researched for months and I havnt found a synth that I like that is Under $2000 or 1500 for that matter! This is the best thing since the penutbutter and jelly sandwich! And it even has room on it for my Electribe EMX-1. Well my research has come down to this one synth. Iv listened to as many demos of this and other synths as I could. Hell I should practically know every nook and cranny of the things by now... but simply put... Im sold on this one.

02-May-07 07:57 PM

Cyberdude    Said...

I've narrowed down my search to the Triton Le or Andromedia A6, anyone have an opinion?

31-Jul-07 12:05 PM


Triton Le is an entry level digital synth while Andromedia A6 is a serious analog - the prices are two different worlds as well - are you sure this isn't a joke? :)

19-Sep-07 08:58 AM

zonda    Said...


29-Jul-08 08:33 PM

zonda    Said...

Corville, you're good!

29-Jul-08 08:34 PM

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