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Podcast: Sonic TALK 370 - Waves StudioGrid,MOTU AVB
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Bill    Said...

I agree with Nick about the need for a networking standard, or at leasdt one for live and one for studio, there are too many already

31-Jul-14 06:57 AM

subsonix    Said...

I like the idea of the plugouts but I am wary of Roland support. I bought a Roland V-Synth, which was touted in a similar way, and after releasing VC-1 and VC-2 (which were very hard to find) they stopped developing. They also didn't keep the USB drivers up to date on it.

31-Jul-14 11:58 AM

Ben    Said...

Yeah but how much is that worth?

31-Jul-14 01:03 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Err, actually there is a networking standard. It's called TCP/IP, it can send any kind of data over a huge variety of links.

01-Aug-14 08:42 AM

cocteau    Said...

AVB is actually a standard ( IEEE 802.1)

01-Aug-14 10:51 PM

Jan S.    Said...

To answer Rich Hilton's question why there are no USB3 Audio interfaces (apart from the RM MadifaceXT of course): there's is really no need for it. USB2 can transfer like 60 Channels of 192KHz which is more than 99% of musicians need. Latency won't improve with USb3. USB2 audio interfaces with updated drivers can run on USB3 plugs, so companies are reluctant to invest money in a technology that won't bring any benefit. Unless maybe some clever marketing guy manages to hype USB3 audio as the new hot stuff, as Apple did with Thunderbolt...

03-Aug-14 02:59 AM

Hardware Junkie    Said...

Absolutely everything what Aria range of modules can do, including so called "Plug outs", can be achieved on any modern (5 year old) PC already. These modules are NOT analogue, but represent the digital representation - DIGITAL. BTW; Also, Everyone these days have number of MIDI controllers, so whats the point of introducing Hardware Digital synths that can easily be emulated on PCs... Oh, I see, perhaps some will fall into this trap and buy one instead... ;)

03-Aug-14 05:19 AM

KingVidiot    Said...

Plugouts can be cool. The Roland V-Synth with the VC-1 and VC-2 cards was incredible (I still love mine with both cards). Unfortunately they never went further, but at least they went that far.

The Aira plugouts remain to be seen. SH-101 is easy, but something more substantial may be more than they want to provide. Time will tell...

06-Aug-14 09:38 PM

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