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10 Ways Back From A Creative Black Hole
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gridsleep    Said...

Where in Heaven's name did you get that picture?

12-Jun-14 11:22 AM

Matthew Tanner    Said...

Thanks for posting these tips. All of them look they are worth trying. This morning I spent a happy few hours sampling a toy xylophone I have. I then racked up two versions in exs24 and detuned one of them. It sounds great. My music is still shite but I enjoyed the experience. I often feel swamped by the plethora of sampled sounds out there - gigabytes of pianos, strings, synths etc etc etc, thousands of presets x thousands of presets - it feels really wholesome to make your own instrument. I didn't do it at night, so there is some birdsong, as well as a motorbike but I kinda like that too. Thanks for posting!

12-Jun-14 11:42 AM

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