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Free Harmony Looper For iOS
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Smedley    Said...

It'd be really nice if there was a video or audio so we can hear it. There's nothing on their website either.

02-May-14 02:04 PM

Adam Kumpf    Said...

See the video called Music for Dinosaurs at for an example of audio and interaction with Yellow.

02-May-14 05:04 PM

RP    Said...

Grabbed this on Friday, it's the awesome price of 'Free' so only costs the time it takes to download it.

Really nice App for sure, the harmonies are great and some good vocoder type effects. Only one suggestion would be to put text tags on the icons just to make it more intuitive although lazy me I guess I could just learn what each one represents.

05-May-14 10:02 AM

KnLga    Said...

Is someone show me where is the internet. i am trying find it.

05-May-14 07:19 PM

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