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Review: Kiwitechnics Kiwi 106 Juno Upgrade Board
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Jamie    Said...

I sell new overlays for the Kiwi-106 that puts all the new options on the panel. Check them out at

17-Apr-14 02:48 PM

Dave    Said...

One thing to note is the upgrade pushes the sound palette way beyond the stock 106, more in the Jupiter-4 range if not more.

17-Apr-14 03:43 PM

voltz    Said...

All very cool! For those that have a JUNO-106, but wish to keep it original AND be able to have a VST-AU editor to control it in the DAW, take a look at the reKon audio VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor. It allows full control of the existing JUNO-106 parameters and loads and saves the native sysex .syx files. The product page is here:

17-Apr-14 11:15 PM

Reyescult    Said...

The Kiwi upgrade is fantastic. My buddy was kind enough to install it into my custom Juno-106. Even with the possible installation cost, it is money well spent. I'm definitely thinking about the panel overlay to aid with programming from the panel.

22-Apr-14 07:36 PM

Greg - SYNTHDemo    Said...

@Reyescult that's good to hear! @Dave, I totally agree. @Jamie, I mentioned your panel overlay in the article, you did a great job on the design!

30-Apr-14 08:28 PM

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