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Roland D50 Sampled
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Tobi    Said...

This piece of software might be illegal due to copyright violations.

Please watch out for relating remarks from sound designer Eric Persing @ Facebook:

11-Apr-14 02:15 AM

reazel    Said...

I have to agree with Eric (my sound-design hero since "Distorted Reality") - sampling romplers is not ok (if no licensing fees are paid).

11-Apr-14 02:32 AM

Juno    Said...

At least UVI have the common sense not to directly use the instruments model name and also change any preset names….

11-Apr-14 03:29 AM


Sample package is withdrawn until parties have come to an agreement, according to a statement on the website.

12-Apr-14 12:26 AM

Leslie    Said...

Eric Persing, as much as I admire him, is a d...head I'm afraid... :( Locking out "little guys" out of business simply because he can't get his finger out of his ass and create virtual instrument that everyone wants, is just not OK :( KORG has managed to port a lot of their legacy instruments to VSTIS and AUs, why can't Roland do the same..?!

12-Apr-14 04:59 AM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

A few years ago I walked into a local music store and spoke with a Roland rep about why they had never followed Korg's lead and released a D-50 plugin. I argued on the basis that demand was there given years of forum requests to that effect. While he recognised the demand and conceded he had no input into the decision making process whatsoever, he basically said that it was something that Roland would never do or indeed for that matter let anyone else do. There have been many examples of Roland preventing others doing this so there should be no surprises when people naively attempt to do so. The laws are pretty clear, if you attempt to emulate a sample based instrument without permission expect at least someone to notice. Saying all of that, even after all these years there are still more than a few D-50's out there and reasonably priced. In the end I just went out and bought my own for the sounds. I suspect a lot of the 'angst' here is indirectly targeted at Roland for not allowing anyone to touch this iconic instrument. However, whether you agree with their stance or not, it is their commercial decision. I'm with Eric on this one...

14-Apr-14 04:54 AM

reazel    Said...

@Leslie: ... only because a company is small, that doesn't mean they don't have to play by the rules!

15-Apr-14 10:55 AM

gridsleep    Said...

It's already been done. Sampled D-50 = JD-800.

16-Apr-14 08:57 AM

Champ    Said...

Some talk about the moral part in this. Well where do morals come from? Are morals based on the truth or just a bunch of opinion? In which type of economy do we live? How are laws made, why are they made? How did copyrights came to existence?

Anyway here is my opinion. We should be able to share as much a possible. There are no inventors, everything is a copy of something else, we use what is left behind by others (its what nature is) As a human society we put a financial market system on top of that. We call that the "normal" and the "right" way of living but is it really?

One might say the sharing thing is a natural law and that the market system is just artificial which we use in this time of age. So from that pov a big cause of problems come about because we use the monetary system. Fighting those that copy is fighting the symptoms, it will never be won unless force is used.

Let research systems that are more logical, giving everyone the option to enjoy whatever they need, without the need for ownership! Thats something I would support 100%. We have to declare all resources to all the people and not just those with purchasing power. The monetary system is outdated but everyone is always comparing their morals with this outdated system and do not think outside the box enough. They keep forgetting they're only using the tools created within the current system.

17-Apr-14 05:18 AM

Roland moog    Said...

So does that make every sample library that contain any PCM drum machine is infringing copyright (e.g. 909 cymbals) . Get real for **** sake

Why not give it away, that shut em up

Eric you are wrong

18-Apr-14 02:38 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Could the same argument not be made about their SQ80 plugin?

23-Apr-14 04:20 PM

Peter K.    Said...

That is a good point about drum machines. I guess the older Akai libraries I have from back in the day that contain 909 or Linndrumm samples for example, would have had to have been licensed by the developers of the sample CD.

Still, I think it's important that we all get paid for our work and that our work is protected. Otherwise, why not just show up for work for free everyday? Y'know, for the love of labour??

When we turn it to our day to day lives, it starts to make a lot more sense that something Eric did 23 years ago should still be protected. As he stated, he's not still getting money from the D-50, but it's the idea of protecting our intellectual property that is important.

As we move further into a data-based age, that will be the only way we can hope to quantify the fruits of our labour. Otherwise, many of us who do what we love, for example, make music, could only ever hope to generate income either through licensing deals or live performance. You'd never be able to release an album of work and hope to make money off it ever again. It's already difficult as it is.

23-Apr-14 07:10 PM

Peter K.    Said...

As far as Roland re-releasing VST versions of their famous gear goes, I'd love for them to do a JD-990 w/ vintage card, a D-50, and an MKS-20 in software. I think they'd do very well for them. As it was explained to me by a Roland rep, the problem is that once they make a VST, they are no longer in control of how that product functions on various systems. In other words, if they make the hardware, then they can guarantee a certain level of musical performance. Once someone tries to run it on some crappy PC or whatever, it creates a potential situation where their instrument won't perform as well as it should. That was how it was explained to me.

I think if they could take a page from Korg's book and make an iD-50, something that runs on a closed and more tightly controlled platform like iOS, then they'd be able to both profit and have considerable control over how their instruments perform on compatible devices.

I've never been a huge D-50 guy, but I'm sure glad I have it in my V-Synth XT, and that's one reason why I'll never part with it.

I should have held onto my JD-990's too...

I don't have a lot of current Roland gear, but I definitely see the value of something like the Integra-7, and will probably add one to my setup at some point in the future.

23-Apr-14 07:16 PM

SyNtHsTaTiOn    Said...

To be honest, I love synths from all 3 giants: roland, korg & yamaha but I also have too much respect for these giant companies and to be honest, who the hell would sample a synth and publish it for download use? As an artist, I always ask roland, korg and yamaha for permission to use & tweak sounds from other synths but to hear that a synth is sampled without licensing and sold to the public for music use, insulting, I prefer buying & using the sounds of "real licensed" music companies, which is why I prefer to use vsts or apps from roland, korg, yamaha or other known music Giants (ex: arturia jupiter 8v)

And the fact that this "d-50 wannabe" violates copyright laws, sorry but this to me is insulting

Ohh by the way, Eric persing FTW

26-Sep-14 01:06 PM

MacJedi    Said...

So we never get Roland to back down from their insane position... So here is the plan... Get yourself Sample Robot and barrow a D-50 or D-550 and sample the hell out of the damn thing and there you have it ... your very own Softsynth D-50... If you are angry with Roland , share your work with a friend.

22-Apr-15 11:00 PM

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