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Sonic Touch: Real-time Final Touch Mastering + AudioBus 2
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GTRman    Said...

You just cannot beat real good old knobs and faders. Maybe they will make a controller some day. For now this App should come with a free box of screen wipes. Nice price.

08-Apr-14 06:55 AM

Zhorro    Said...

Nice music...

08-Apr-14 09:17 AM

stimming    Said...

I'm using a pen display here: hope you also see this as an idea worth sharing...

08-Apr-14 10:13 AM

Miguel Marcos    Said...

The knob idea is good, they should implement MIDI and MIDI Learn into Final Touch. And speaking of mastering, would love to see a review of Audio Mastering and maybe comparison with Final Touch.

08-Apr-14 11:37 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

You guys should try and get hold of the PUC by Zivix for review. It lets you wirelessly send MIDI data to iPad Apps. The thing is really easy to use and works great. And I have no dealings with the company, I just plugged it into a DIN socket on a MIDI controller, downloaded the iOS app and its plain sailing from there.

09-Apr-14 10:03 PM

Leslie    Said...

Thanks heaps for SonicTouch, but you have chosen the worst possible option for iOS music production guest - Dischord... Why on earth haven't you approached someone that has biased opinions about AudioBus and has no idea what he is talking about most of the time about iOS apps to begin with..?! If you are desperate for including someone outside your circles, please have a look at truly professional approach to it at: that is ran by John ;)

12-Apr-14 06:08 AM

Sander J Alkemade    Said...

Thank you for the recording trick in Audioshare, until now I used a direct connection via an audiointerface to windows, but now i can record every session I have with drums and synths.

When will you talk about Korg Gadget ?

And I totally disagree with that fellow who is negative about disschord. Disschord is updated at least once a day with relevant articles. The other side is cool too, but has been completely off the internet for two whole days now, how is that more professional ?

12-Apr-14 04:30 PM

sinewave440hz    Said...

Interesting pretty much summed it up when you called it "a step in the right direction". Possibly a little overpriced with that in mind, but I'll probably shell out to give it a go anyway...btw Subscribe button didn't work for me :( (Safari browser).

23-Apr-14 02:56 AM

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