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Korg MS20 Build - Timelapse
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Benedict J    Said...

I wanna build one!!

I played an MS-20 mini for the first time the other week. In comparison to a nearby Bass Station II and Arturia MiniBrute, the MS-20 definitely had the winning sound (even without available patch-leads)

I just couldn't stand those little keys. A full-sized model would be awesome. I'm waiting for Korg to use all the research and feedback from their recent analogs to release a decent repackaging of the MS-20 engine (polyphonic?) with the usual digital conveniences (and proper keys)

02-Apr-14 03:42 PM

SeanInJapan    Said...

Wow Nick. Excellent work on the soundtrack! That was sweet and very much matched the feeling of a time lapse film!

I'm a little curious though. Was it fun? I mean the price didn't exactly plummit with the build-your-own package so I'm assuming the reason Korg did this in the first place was because they thought it would be fun for the customer.

So was just wondering how it felt to build it?

02-Apr-14 08:47 PM

Walter Smeego    Said...

Benedict J , it is midi so you can just hook up and keyboard you want to it.

02-Apr-14 11:34 PM

Twitchy    Said...

Dear Nick,

That was one of the koolest videos that you have produced. As well, as one of your greatest soundtracks, in accompaniment!!!

As, SeanInJapan said, "…it very much matched the feeling of a time lapse film!"


03-Apr-14 12:44 AM

DK in NZ    Said...

Welcome to the club Nick :)

03-Apr-14 01:33 AM

Lu    Said...

I really want to know what you think of the noise floor on this, you didn't really comment on the mini and all the demo copies in stores here are noisy as hell atleast by the headphone jack. And I consider myself noise tolerant as I love lo fi. See gear slutz thread for the full 25 page moan about it...

03-Apr-14 03:19 AM

cronbg    Said...

Love the soundtrack. Kudos!

03-Apr-14 06:20 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I would have enjoyed this more if the Benny Hill Theme had been the soundtrack. All very good, nonetheless. Still cant figure out why you would want to pay all this money and have to bolt it all together. Its not really a synth kit, more an Ikea flatpack.

03-Apr-14 08:03 AM

Sean    Said...

Just had to comment on how amazing the soundtrack is.

03-Apr-14 08:53 AM

blox Electrix    Said...

That was good. I heard 1 person report that the decals started to peel off their's or something, over on korg forums. Great video.

03-Apr-14 08:58 AM

Darren P    Said...

No tea break? How did you manage that?

03-Apr-14 09:02 AM

Wan Lumportoo    Said...


That's what i was worrying. i reckon he stopped the camera for a leisurely tea break midway through. Otherwise it just doesn't make sense!

Looking forward to the full review.

03-Apr-14 10:33 AM

Mattc    Said...

I have some Ikea bits that need assembling if you fancy it

03-Apr-14 01:01 PM

CR78    Said...

I love it Nick that you incorporated the drones that you triggered during yesterday's Sonictalk.

p.s. PSP's Pianoverb 2 has a really nice Freeze were so inspiring yesterdayy that I created some beautiful drifting 'freezes' in Bitwig using the PV2 mapped to my APC40.....'where the hell did the time go..?"

03-Apr-14 01:15 PM

Nick    Said...

Thanks CR78 - actually they were fresh ones! and I also used them in another thing I did today - nothing like a but of recycling.

03-Apr-14 02:03 PM


Great Stuff! Keep the reviews etc. coming Nick!

03-Apr-14 02:49 PM

Mark    Said...

Good Stuff, great video, good soundtrack, good stuff sonic state team. Saw you go off camera for what I suspect was a coffee brake. haha

04-Apr-14 12:43 AM

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