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Sonic LAB: Casio Privia PX-5S More Than A Stage Piano
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fx1mark    Said...

they should have made the plastic facing the audience with the jacks, black. it looks like crap in white.

27-Mar-14 08:20 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Looks a real pain in the arse to program. They need some sort of software-based editor.

And fx1mark is right about the colour, although Casio products always seem to have an air of cheese in their design. The only exception was the CZ101 ;)

27-Mar-14 09:14 PM

geo303    Said...

Casio pleas produce a cheap minikey version of this called PX101

27-Mar-14 09:51 PM

Dave B    Said...

Surprised by the piano patch comment as it blows away my Yamaha motif. It's the best I have ever used in a live situation. Even our sound guys agree

27-Mar-14 09:59 PM

VS    Said...

The Pianos in the PX-5S are awesome to say the least! I don't really understand why the author felt otherwise. Far better than any of the Piano voices in my XF!

27-Mar-14 10:14 PM

Mike Martin    Said...

There is a Mac and PC editor which is not mentioned in this review. There is also a layout for iPad and iPhone using the MIDI Designer app which supplements the front panel controls.

28-Mar-14 06:20 AM

Paul W    Said...

Prefer the piano on this to my Roland RD300NX..much more playable and a better action on the Casio. I think the review doesnt give the piano sounds the benefit they deserve.

28-Mar-14 12:15 PM

brian from usa    Said...

As a Motif XF owner, I have to say this thing at a third of the price is pretty impressive. I hope Casio sticks with it this time around...neither this or the XW machines quite do it for me but they are interesting AND inexpensive.

28-Mar-14 03:58 PM

Gustavo    Said...

Somehow it impresses me how Nick says the piano is not so good, but states the organ is good. I think it is the other way around!

Decent review, but I think it was somehow biased by nick being such an analog synth geek and not so much the "Stage piano" user. Still it has been one of the clearest videos showcasing the editing on the machine itself.

Also, as brian said, the most impressive thing about this is the price!

28-Mar-14 09:40 PM

Bobcat    Said...

The piano's in the PX-5s sound good but not as good as the Krome or MOXF. The rest of the sounds in PX-5S are uninspiring.

17-Apr-14 06:49 AM

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