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Podcast: Sonic TALK 352 - Bitwig!
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BACH    Said...

Oh no! I was looking forward to seeing the show but alas:

"Video not found or access denied:"

27-Mar-14 05:21 AM

Nick B    Said...

Dont worry, yt will be done in a few minutes

27-Mar-14 05:27 AM

BACH    Said...

Well, that depends on how you define "in a few minutes". ;-)

But don't worry, I can wait for it. I'm just Looking forward to see the show as always, that's all.

27-Mar-14 06:20 AM

Nick B    Said...

Indeed, out of our hands - YT sometimes is super fast, sometimes not. Today is slow. But its "processing" now. Thanks for your patience!

27-Mar-14 06:22 AM

BACH    Said...

Just finished watching the show. Great as always. Thanks a lot guys!

27-Mar-14 10:41 AM

Rick Nowhere    Said...

The cost of Bitwig when you purchase in the US is $399.00 guys. Not sure why it's coming up so much more.

Also, I think you dropped the ball regarding why one might prefer this over upgrading to to the latest Ableton Live (which was the situation for me).

To me, as a professional softwrae developer, it's clear this is a hugely better piece of software. That's not to say Live is bad, it's just that when you are comparing a code-base from 10+ years ago to something written recently, it's no contents. The new stuff is always better.

Apple and Microsoft represent good takes on this stuff. For MS they have to maintain so much legacy code compatibility they are often forced to retain code that isn't necessarily ideal.

Apple on the other hand doesn't care about legacy and burns the past often; always choosing better/cleaner/newer.

For this reason you can see that Apple is a more capable company to pivot to the changing demands of the modern software market.

Bitwig is like Apple, at least for now. They have a huge advantage in having fresh new code. This is why they can release on 3 platforms on the same day with the same feature set. This is not easy.

Trust me the Live guys are very worried, they know they should have tossed out their code entirely around Live 8 and did a full refresh, but it's hard to do that, and companies rarely have the option to go for 'the right path' like that.

Anyway, just wanted to hopefully clear up a few things.

Incidentally as a longtime Live user I switched to Bitwig yesterday because the demo allowed me to play around enough to see how stable and well written this app is. I also faced a 400 dollar upgrade to go to Live 9 so for me, it wasn't a big deal to switch.

27-Mar-14 03:03 PM

Rick Nowhere    Said...

Also, not even close to enough coverage of Bitwig for a show titled 'Bitwig!'

I did really enjoy seeing the OP-1, and yes yes yes, Nick do a followup review, I know it's not a sexy analog little box but the OP-1 is special in it's own right. :)

27-Mar-14 03:06 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

1) Bitwig: Can be bought for $AUS416 which on the face of it is pretty reasonable. Live 8 Suite at the time was about double that price retail in my country. I am playing with the demo now with interest. As a very long time Ableton user (which I love) I am looking for the one thing that Bitwig enhances over Ableton, and that is simplicity and workflow. This is what attracted me to Ableton in the first place in that all the power and complexity is both hidden away yet immediately available in a beautifully simple interface. Can Bitwig improve on that? Having used just about every other DAW under the sun I long ago tired of the on-screen clutter. Session view is a little misunderstood I think. I use it to test whether simple song parts work together or not before introducing them into Arrangement view. Conversely in a live setting it can do so much more.

2) Jamming: In the old days (sans technology) it's all we ever did and it was fun, I miss it. Even in a formal setting when a new song is being developed and workshopped the first part of the session is always jamming to allow everyone to not only get a feel for it but also impart their own interpretation on the final result. It seems now a lot of people just fire up the CPU and get down to the industrial, boring part of the process straight away. I'm kind of hoping that with the recent resurgence of hardware a side effect will be more people get back to jamming again, who knows?

27-Mar-14 08:53 PM

Janschneider    Said...

Wow, nearly one and a half hours of sonictalk madness! Great fun as always, thank you very much!

29-Mar-14 06:59 AM

Matt C    Said...

Just about jamming: I'm hunting for a way to sync several iMacs and Apple laptops to a single source for jamming. The best solution I have found so far seems to involve sending MIDI clock via network connections, but if anyone knows of anything better I'd be interested.

29-Mar-14 09:42 AM

Charlsey    Said...

Thanks for mentioning my '67 RA Moog modular! Indeed it was owned by The Monkees and rumored to have been played by John Lennon "for four hours at a party to make flying saucer sounds.." The three 904 filters make you want to swim in their glory and eight 901-B oscillators are pure horsepower, the loudest synth I have ever heard. Love your show, keep up the great work Nick and friends!

29-Mar-14 03:52 PM

Cornman    Said...

nice as always,thanx! :-)

30-Mar-14 01:52 PM

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