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Design Your Own Fender Guitar
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Knuffle Bunny    Said...

I got excited about this and then I tried it. Wow, how… boring. You only get a few color options, neck options, etc. If you found a Fender used you could swap out one or two parts and get the exact item. Go look at Moniker Guitars website to see what this should be like. You can send them any graphic, pickup, color (even though they have a large assortment to choose from) and they will build it. I don't work for or represent them, but I've been wanting one for a while. The only downside seems to be the lack of fingerboard radii choices. Oh, and it's much cheaper although I don't know if they ship overseas. Carvin has more options than the Fender site.

20-Mar-14 01:59 PM

wahgwan    Said...

so fender are making an offical version of the stratosphere ebay shop? at twice the price, with less than half of the options?


20-Mar-14 04:01 PM

Martin    Said...

"Cool", I thought, and checked it out. Turned out it was rather shit. Both limited and boring. Nah good! Just keep spewing out Strats and Teles left and right and make the bankers happy. How about making a decent acoustic instead of the crap you stick your logo on now (Cort is it?)

21-Mar-14 05:50 PM

zzz    Said...

how will this be different than the fender custom shop?

26-Mar-14 03:30 PM

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