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MESSE 2014: Fishman Triple Play System (video)
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PenguinCloser    Said...

This seems like a great low-end solution for people who want to get into the world of MIDI guitar-ing, but there are a few relatively major drawbacks/limitations to the Triple Play....

If you want to control hardware it will require either going through a DAW, or an extra piece of kit; either something DIY, or Kenton makes a usb MIDI host device.

Also, you might come to hate that little box attached to the bottom of your guitar. I know I did when I had a GK3A attached to my Strat. It's bulky, clunky, and just plain wrong. It's much nicer to have a guitar with the MIDI pick-up built-in.

But that will cost ya!

The fact that it's wireless is a big plus, though, and it seems to track very, very well.

But at the end of the day, the 13-pin system (Godin synth access guitar, Roland-ready Strat, or regular guitar equipped with a Roland GK3A pick-up) is really the only way to go, imo, because it's the only way to get access to Roland's snazzy guitar modelers/synths (VG99, GR55, and the just-announced and relatively cheap GP-10).

15-Mar-14 09:04 AM

Noel EIffe    Said...

Fender offers a "triple play" strat similar to the Roland-ready models, with the guts fully integrated if that's a necessity. I believe but may be wrong that Godin is also offering a Triple Play guitar system now.

I have a triple play installed on an Agile Les Paul copy, and it's not that big a deal - and all install methods are "non-invasive" on the guitar (don't require drilling etc.). But it would indeed be nice to have it "built in" to some extent.

15-Mar-14 09:33 AM

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