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MESSE 2014: MFB Dominion- Crikey (video)
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cresshead    Said...

well put it this way the MFB kicks it so large that the roland system 1 sounds like it was out of the toys r us isle...

14-Mar-14 11:01 AM

timrfrench61    Said...

Velly cool. I see now why nick is always asking about the pulse width modulation

14-Mar-14 11:06 AM

JC    Said...

Great. It's paraphonic as well

14-Mar-14 11:29 AM

el interruptor    Said...

uhmm nick, this is the mighty M F B you are dealing with. you're not supposed to ask questions, just buy or go somewhere else :-)

14-Mar-14 12:55 PM

brianfromusa    Said...

Sure sounds a lot better than the older (and much less expensive) MFB synths I've owned.

14-Mar-14 01:36 PM

Dolphono    Said...

Dang man! There goes my SEM Pro budget... :-(

14-Mar-14 02:26 PM

Belabisechtok    Said...

I like this kind of presentation. Thats the difference when you have an actual developer in front of the camera instead of a salesman. Less talking, more action.

14-Mar-14 03:20 PM

anonymous coward    Said...


as soon as i can afford this i will buy it! what a sound and what a broad palette of colours.

also the controlpanel and connections are far beyond anything all of that those other va "new classics" have to offer.

havenĀ“t been that much "aaahhh" on any new synth for quite some time now.

please try to get this one for a soniclab feature. and then for a heads up with the system 1... :-)

14-Mar-14 03:33 PM

RikMaxSpeed    Said...

I spend auntie a while playing this at the MuiskMesse - it sounds truly awesome and unique - a real future classic in the making. Paraphonically mode is awesome (with bass note priority so it doesn't drop out) and so many additional modulation options so you can expand it with other modules. And that's a lot of true analog synth for the money.

15-Mar-14 02:31 AM

Dutnakke    Said...

That's some serious shit right there. And I was going to go with the Sub37 - now I'm not so sure

15-Mar-14 01:15 PM

Speelycaptor    Said...

also tested this at the Musikmesse and loved it. Prefered this over the Moog Sub37. Really beefy Oscilator sounds with Sync on Osc 2+3. LFO ranges can be switchted, so it goes well into audio range and for anything beyond there is FM. the envelopes are super snappy too. haven't been so impressed by a mono synth since a long time.

17-Mar-14 05:25 AM

loneraver    Said...

Review this! Review this! Review this!


17-Mar-14 04:43 PM

beentdominionated    Said...

IF i am NOT one of the LUCKY ONES to own this when it is out, the world is in some real trouble.. I PROMISE YOU ALL.

28-Mar-14 09:09 PM

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