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MESSE 2014: Schmidt Polysynth-A Patch Designers View
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Ununseptium    Said...

That secondary release, pseudo-reverb effect is also a feature of my, not quite so pricey second-hand Ensoniq SQ80. What with this and the polyphonic aftertouch, it's beginning to look like the best eighty quid I ever spent.

13-Mar-14 09:29 AM

Peter K    Said...

Yeah, the Casio CZ series could do that with their envelops. Cool instruments from back in the day. Love the Schmidt; wish I was a bit richer!!

13-Mar-14 01:31 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

The greatest polysynth ever? And Nick - you agree?

So what legendary songs is it on?

What about the CS80, Prophet5, Jupiter8?

You don't have to turn everything off to try to figure out where the sound is com gin from on a CS80. How can such confusion as this causes be considered the greatest polysynth ever?

Don't you mean this is the polysynth wight he most knobs ever, and that's about it?

And - as I've mentioned before - this isn't in production - it's a hand made release by a synth hobbyist. Should we invite every wacko who's invented a weird synth in their garage along to these music fairs?

Schmidt - develop a business model that sells 50 times as many as you intend for a third of the current price and then start promoting this as if it's worth our attention.

13-Mar-14 02:01 PM

Raynar    Said...

If my surname was Brewster, and I had 30 days to p*ss through $30,000,000 in it's entirity in order to get an even larger inheritance, I think I would still have reservations about spending the guts of EU 20K on this.

Schmidt minus c, m and d more like :)

13-Mar-14 02:18 PM

jellyfish    Said...

"Schmidt - develop a business model that sells 50 times as many as you intend for a third of the current price and then start promoting this as if it's worth our attention"

why should he? he doesn't owe you anything. it's his show, mate, not yours.

"So what legendary songs is it on?"

do your own research, you'll certainly find out.

"Should we invite every wacko who's invented a weird synth in their garage along to these music fairs?"

stefan schmidt has demonstrated what he's able to build and bring this to the market. now it's your turn. try...

"Schmidt minus c, m and d more like :)"

grow up first, hmm?! you sound rather childish.

14-Mar-14 08:13 AM

Champ    Said...

I think Its amazing that someone dares to build these monsters again.

There is a market for these type of giant synths. Sure its out the price range for most people but thats no reason to NOT build them. If you can't pay for one don't blame Schmidt but blame the monetary system and the low pay checks you get every month. ;)

Look at the amount of control on this unit. It simply is the biggest thing on the market by June/July. I really hope I get the change to buy one some day.

14-Mar-14 09:27 AM

RP    Said...

jellyfish = stefan schmidt :)

14-Mar-14 01:56 PM

My name is to Schmidt    Said...

Impressive looks, probably sounds amazing too. But the price! och my.. you can do soo much more with 18k... At least I know I would.. Anyway - massive respect to Schmidt and best luck in trading!

15-Mar-14 10:06 AM

Juno    Said...

I'm struggling to see what's justifying these negative comment here….. If Yamaha did a Korg/Roland and started to build the CS80 again.. just how much do you think it would cost? If Moog did the same with the Memorymoog (which was never that great anyway!) what would THAT cost?… My Voyager XL cost me 4k for ONE voice!! If those of you acting like children here want to convince yourself that your free VST plugins sound the same as something like this then please go ahead…. until you actually PLAY one of these (that's if you CAN actually play rather than put notes in with a mouse) please keep up your delusional ways. As for me? Well I've put my money where my mouth is… :-)

15-Mar-14 11:00 AM

SanctifywithNapalm    Said...

I can't comprehend the negativity aimed at this thing.

Burn heretics, burn!

18-Mar-14 12:34 PM

Chris S    Said...

I wonder if I had just one of these, would I ever want another synth again... I would hope not, considering this thing costs as much as a new luxury car. I can imagine Nick just scheming a way to justify having one of these himself!

Production version in 5 years? I think we are all hoping for a new poly analogue that's just a bit less pricey.

19-Mar-14 09:32 PM

EMwhite    Said...

I liked the comment made at one of the prior shows "it's virtual digital". Sure sounds like it.

I'd pay some $$ for a technical walk through of the internals, design decisions made along the way, etc.

Worthy of a DVD just to learn more about the story. Private funding from an obsessed madman (also known as a genius with deep pockets and unrelenting determination).

Now if I can just get a pass to the next show and play one... that and a time machine to play a ppg in pristine condition.

21-Mar-14 10:39 PM

gridsleep    Said...

It's just sort of a say-what moment that Schmidt invents what many are considering the pinnacle of retro technology and no one has bothered to put up a web site for it. Word of mouth and trade shows only. That is truly retro.

03-Apr-14 06:24 AM

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