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MESSE 2014: Roland AIRA New Model Spotted
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brianfromusa    Said...

Boy are we back to the world of spaghetti or what? I'm always trying to have fewer cables at gigs, this setup is ridiculous.

12-Mar-14 08:40 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I could have been in my bedroom in the 80s, if you took away the laptop. Talk about coming full circle.

12-Mar-14 10:27 AM

HnnH    Said...

I won't be using any other Aria gear with it, but I could see picking this up.

12-Mar-14 10:43 AM

RP    Said...

You know in one sense I appreciate Roland's ethos, don't just reissue the old, build on it moving things forward. So the 'Plug-out' idea and scatter etc are fair enough.

But I'm surprised that in the R&D they didn't twig that to also approach some progress on the connectors might be a good idea, so maybe something like a fiber type cable with flat connection that could run along the form factor so multiple airas could be connected together side-by-side with minimal spaghetti, but still just utilizing an old input type so you could run longer conventional cables. Would have been a nice touch because brianfromusa is right, what a horrid mess and step backward, and brian and I rarely agree :)

12-Mar-14 10:54 AM

Jorgen    Said...

Roland have achieved something pretty amazing here, the technology to transport musicians back to 1992. Astounding.

12-Mar-14 03:18 PM

Lee    Said...

It seems most of the negative comments on here have been left by the "Computer musician brigade"....get over it, many Computer musicians are comming back to hardware again because they are bored with the whole pc/mac software thing! Yes computers are great and i use one but only to record and arrange my music, come on face it hardware is a lot more inspiring and fun, so why if you have miles of cables, thats only a small trade off for the great fun hardware brings.

12-Mar-14 04:14 PM

zvukoprocessor    Said...

I totally agree with Lee.

12-Mar-14 05:10 PM

Blake    Said...

I love spaggetti! My issue is why only two octaves and no velocity sensitivity on the System-1. I like compact things too but CME puts polyphonic aftertouch on a 2-ocktave keyboard and sells it for $99. I still intend to buy a System-1 but here's to hoping they make a rack version. A rack version and my Mopho X4 are just as portable and I can play with 2 hands.

12-Mar-14 05:36 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Quick Igor, more cables, I think it's alive!!

12-Mar-14 05:58 PM

Yoda    Said...

I'm betting money Lee and zvukoprocessor are the same person :)

12-Mar-14 08:23 PM

Anthonythecat    Said...

I totally agree with Yoda.

Plus, he is a really handsome fellow.

12-Mar-14 09:11 PM

Studio 139    Said...

Well, the performance was perfectly fine, but the system as a whole just seems like it is behind the curve to me. Maybe because we heard these sounds and these grooves so many times, I just can't get excited about it.

13-Mar-14 12:11 AM

TR303808909    Said...

As an electronic music that never felt right with the mouse as creative tool, I am so pleased to see the man / machine interface finally coming back to what it should be. Although I own all the roland 'classics' I am not hating I am applauding roland and korg for getting it back to basics. Imagine fender not making strats

13-Mar-14 04:14 AM

Charlo    Said...

Speaking of time machines, I wish I could transport back in time to the room where the someone in the marketing department of Roland came up with the phrase 'Groovebox'. I would simply say 'no, next idea' and Roland would not have comprimised their lineage

13-Mar-14 08:48 AM

ProDickSuk    Said...

A decent controller and knowledge on how to set it up with your DAW and you wouldnt know youre using a computer.

n00bs - A computer is hardware to!

Live9 + SLMkii + custom script = bite my ass :D

15-Mar-14 05:12 AM

Lu    Said...

Gotta say I need that box... Just to make my TR-606 more useful. If I can set bpm on it... If it can send cv that works for monotribes etc.... I'd be set. I have virtually no midi gear, it's all korg poly six, volcas, etc... Which I run off the tr-606 but the 606 has no fixed bpm visual which can be annoying. But I have no way to control it with something else.

31-Mar-14 09:01 AM

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