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MESSE 2014: Waldorf Striechfett String Machine Demo
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brianfromusa    Said...

You forgot to have him demo Pluto!!!!

12-Mar-14 08:33 AM

Coz    Said...

Elephant in the room… what's analogue and what's digital with this thing?

12-Mar-14 08:34 AM

Strings_attached    Said...

Can you back presets up to computer?

12-Mar-14 09:55 AM

RP    Said...

Ha Nick, you gave the chap full opportunity to state in the end that 'yes, the hardware is a total prototype so the ensemble button sticking thing at the start won't happen in the produciton units' but he said all they needed to do was fine tune the software. A cutomer complaint waiting to happen there me thinks

12-Mar-14 10:32 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Coz, I think the whole thing is digital. He mentioned that its a digital divide down oscillator, as well as the effects being modelled... Sill, I think it sounds good!

12-Mar-14 01:34 PM

Grmnspkr    Said...

Headline has a typo. Its "streichfett" not "striechfett". I know its complicated :)

12-Mar-14 03:07 PM

Champ    Said...

Before trying the unit I wasn't expecting much but for being digital it sounded actually pretty nice and having hand on control beats just any plugin. Think I'll have me some of those 70's string porn.

12-Mar-14 04:55 PM

Waldorf-Steiner-Parker    Said...

Adjusting presets will be difficult after the save, or?

12-Mar-14 04:59 PM

Coz    Said...

@Peter. Cheers.

I haven't heard a dicky bird about what's generating the sounds, and completely missed it in the video.

Looking forward to better audio demos.

12-Mar-14 05:30 PM

cresshead    Said...

well...if and IF is can pull off an ARP omni 2 then i'll get one..but so far its not demo'd that i can do anything other than over the top soft porn music...and the ensamble needs options as it's currently wayy too much effect

13-Mar-14 11:44 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

This is a horrendous demo. Instrument not working, sounding hideous, dependent on effects, explained awfully, pathetic memory banks.

What are Waldorf doing? They're killing their reputation.

Nick - you're level of questioning on these MESSE videos is not great!! you need to ask better questions, and hook up the gear to an audio system so we can hear the items better. You and your team need to up your game!!

But Waldorf - what are you doing demoing half built instruments with engineers who have no capability to demo???

Bottom line - NOT impressed with the sound of this thing; and even LESS impressed by its physical implementation, control and ridiculous memory banks.

13-Mar-14 01:52 PM

Champ    Said...

The following should be mentioned I think.

Lots of gear at Fairs are prototypes as was the new Striechfett. They just got a few of these new boxes at the stand. I was very happy to have tried it out and while some boxes had issues they are all prototypes so its all forgiven.

The unit was literally placed 1min before the video was shot. I think there weren't the right cables at that time therefor the unit was only routed thru the Zarenbourg. (and only mono if I'm correct)

Selecting a preset or bank on the Stiechfett is actually very fast and easy to use as are the rest of the controls. Within minutes you know what the entire box is capable of. :)

Nick has been so incredibly working his ass off. His agenda at fairs like these are insane. I couldn't even order the man a cold beer and have a chill. He really wants you guys to have the news asap.

13-Mar-14 07:57 PM


it's Streichfett - not Striechfett greets from Germany ;)

14-Mar-14 01:56 AM

Martin    Said...

I suspect some bonafide String Synthesizer aficionados is lurking around here ;-) and have a Q for you: What is the best sounding software emulator today? Is it the Virtual String Machine 2007(!)

There is also this: String Machines

And a handful of other a bit obscure, "home made" ones, out there, (mostly for Windows.)

What do you think?

14-Mar-14 01:10 PM

Infinitum    Said...

Honestly there wasnt one sound here that was good...buried in phase and horrible effects shows the unit needs to be tweaked with great sounds first and then add some effects to taste...too bad this thing will retail for 699.99 for what? Go back to the drawing board..we can wait.

18-Mar-14 09:23 PM

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