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MESSE 2014: Vox Continental Organ Emulated
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Organ_transplant    Said...

$129 for a SH** sounding organ? No thanks. It's a classic - but only because bands at the time had no option. Otherwise, it's sound that basically nobody is waiting for.

12-Mar-14 09:44 AM

Ed A.    Said...

I wonder if they know that the Martinic Combo Model V is available for free:

12-Mar-14 03:43 PM

Lu    Said...

I bought a Yamaha YC-25D last year, I love it. Software just ain't the same. Quite a few local bands use organ, it's a favoured option for indie rock the last 15 years or so, partly cos you can get them cheap second hand.

12-Mar-14 05:24 PM

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