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MESSE 2014: TC Plans Powered Plug-Ins
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Simon    Said...

Unforunately I have no confidence in TC nowadays. I used to be a fan and have had 2 Konnekt AI's and the Powercore. Managed to get rid of the Powercore for about 5% what I paid for it but currently stuck with a £1000 Konnekt 48 that doesn't work properly on current OS. No chance of me buying more of their stuff only for it to not be supported on next UAD/OS update.

12-Mar-14 05:25 AM

robbiemacman    Said...

As a long time user of power core right from the start & also their international presenter for the platform for many years I am very pleased. There are some tools on the power core platform derived from the System 6000 that simply are not available elsewhere. The alliance of UA & TC will hopefully bring back those much revered tools in a platform that is obviously a very safe one to put your money into…

12-Mar-14 05:34 AM

TC User    Said...

TC's System 6000 tools are excellent. I still rank their MD4 above all other similar digital tools.

My concern is TC are looking to the past by locking their plugins to a DSP card. My next computer upgrade will be a 12 core Xeon system. Why is TC severely limiting the instances I can run by locking things to a UAD dongle?

Things are not moving in that direction TC, and that's only going to be exacerbated with the move towards Thunderbolt.

I don't think many are going to invest in a Magma chasis or chaining multiple Thunderbolt devices just to up their plugin count, especially when they've just spent a load of money on a 12 core system which can do that job just fine (and 18 core Xeon CPU's are coming in 2015). Even more surprised TC would support a platform which provides worse latency than their own Powercore platform did.

Btw, I think many of the UAD plugins are also excellent. I just think, in 2014, the time of the DSP card has passed and there are better piracy solutions - ones which don't revolve around expensive cards running cheap DSP chips.

12-Mar-14 08:56 AM

Top Cat    Said...

Agree with comments above. Ethe move to UAD reveals TC electronic's in ability to move with the times - they still think dedicated DSP is the only environment worthy of their algorithms.

TC electronics- wake up! It' the 21st century - not 1995. Make yor full suite of algorithms available in popular plugin formats - otherwise - nobody is going to but them.

UAD may seem strong now - but there's ultimately no future in dedicated DSP as long as Intel and co need to develop more powerful processors.

12-Mar-14 10:07 AM

Modern3    Said...

"Top Cat" I am not you realising what you are saying. Most of DSP Engineers would beg to differ. Dedicated DSP is by far superior to host systems.

12-Mar-14 01:58 PM

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