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MESSE 2014: Elektron Overbridge Links All Analog Machines to DAW (Video)
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Mr.Octa    Said...

Great! Free! But whait, no Octatrack support? Why?

12-Mar-14 05:27 AM

BLN    Said...

Great idea! I just hope they use quality AD coverters, and it will support 96khz. Such fine sounding synths...

12-Mar-14 05:55 AM

Wow    Said...

This means they have all the time been selling their machines with dormant A/D and D/A converters! 6 x A/D and 2 x D/A if I got it right.

12-Mar-14 06:30 AM

brianfromusa    Said...

Only negative I can see is the wait. I'm a huge fan of USB audio integration.

12-Mar-14 08:10 AM

Ghosteeez    Said...

This is amazing. There goes another $1500 for the Rytm, which I was on the fence about. That I can master everything in the DAW seals the deal for me

12-Mar-14 03:24 PM


So if I got this right the left /Right in & Left/Right Out, turns into 4 Mono outs into lets stay my protools interface for example?

13-Mar-14 08:51 PM

todd    Said...

I left out I have an Analog Four

13-Mar-14 08:55 PM

RonKleet    Said...

Elektron have a lot of history with Teenage Engineering, so I can't be the only one tentatively hoping that Overbridge somehow finds its way onto the OP-1 as well.

I can also see room for a new Elektron device that would be some kind of Overbridge mixer. Ideally it would allow for sequencing, multitracking, re-sampling and re-sequencing.

Sure it would step firmly on the OT's toes, but as the OT is so obtuse and lacks the current OB tech, I think it's time to let it go and stop building feature sets that strive to keep OT relevant.

No need to pay me Elektron, you can have those ideas gratis :)

17-May-14 06:44 AM

WIGGLE    Said...

Octatrack support please! For live remixing, sequencing, uploads, and set preparation while in the studio or on stage.

24-Jun-15 12:24 PM

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