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MESSE 2014: Arturia KeyLab 88 - MiniBrute SE
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Stu    Said...

Wow, how under prepared was the guy from Arturia!!

12-Mar-14 03:19 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

Was expecting to get miniBrute's additional ModMatrix I/O's available at the back of the unit, so that's a disappointment.

Another disappointment (or maybe I call it "missed-opportunity for innovation") is the removal of the Arpeggiator mode. Was expecting them to keep both, the Arp and new Seq modes.

But, the above is still a bit confusing, since their own MiniBruteSE page they still mention the ARP in "LFO1 clock syncable to Arpeggiator (Arpeg, or free)." ...unfortunately, I'm suspicious that it's a typo, a left-over from copy+paste from the original MiniBrute's info page :/

12-Mar-14 05:18 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

above, I meant "microBrute's additional ModMatrix I/O's" obviously.

It would make sense, to make this MiniBruteSE the complete miniBrute+microBrute edition in terms of features, IMHO.

12-Mar-14 05:20 AM


Since the controls in the arpeggiator part are the same as in the sequencer part of the SE I wonder if there will be an OS update for the original MiniBrute that offers the sequencer. If they are technically identical maybe it is even possible to load the SE OS in the original?

12-Mar-14 05:42 AM

GTRman    Said...

The MiniBrute looks nice with the wood side but still no patch memory and only one OSC. Too bad. Where is the MaxiBrute, or something worth keeping as an instrument. I am saving my money for the Moog Sub37. The Sub37 has all the bells and whistles and more.I guess the kids need something to play with so the MiniBrute SE will fit that bill.

12-Mar-14 06:59 AM

Magikroom    Said...

Looks good, but will stick with my Microbrute. Got to say, that guy from Arturia should stay of the "Smoke" as he was terrible at explaining anything.

12-Mar-14 07:42 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Arturia - come on - please release a controller such as this with polyphonic after touch - even as a more expensive option.

12-Mar-14 09:41 AM

hixsonia    Said...

Can anyone ID the maker of the white monitor? They look a bit like Genelec's but???

12-Mar-14 11:17 PM

Peter K    Said...

I'm a bit with GTRman on this one... it would have been nice to see a 'Maxi' style product to counterbalance the Microbrute, and I have already put a downpayment on the Sub 37.

However, as a Minibrute owner, I must say that it doesn't feel or sound like a toy - it is a great little synth in its own right, and offers a unique sound. I encourage folks not to pass it by just because of its size or apparent feature set. It is a wonderful and creative instrument.

The brushed aluminum looks really cool.

13-Mar-14 04:57 PM

EMwhite    Said...

Useless. Nice enough guy, lots of laughs just no useful information other than it exists. Shocked that he knew how many were to be manufactured. How many steps, clock divider, output (as Nick asked), what are the modes? If this is a killer feature it would be good to know these things ... That is, of course if it's a finished product and not vapor like so much else this year. Nick, are you really pleased to provide this type of excellent product coverage. Maybe next time give them a heads up on the 'difficult' questions you are about to ask. Suitable answers may be "let's find out", "no", "yes" or even fan favorites "that's the plan.." or "good suggestion!"

14-Mar-14 12:20 PM

andy seven    Said...

very annoyed that I read about and bought a minibrute only 5 weeks ago,..NOW they bring out a version with a step sequencer??? I REALLY DO HOPE there will be a software update for my (now inferior) version!! I feel like a right 'numpty'!

14-Mar-14 02:38 PM

fatard    Said...

I'm really curious to know which Fatar keybed model they gonna use. I hope it's not the "not really weighted" cheap model.

14-Mar-14 09:42 PM

abc    Said...

I agree with andy seven. This SE so close to the original is poor form...!

I have both the mini and micro but doubt ill buy another product from them. Whens the Mirobrute SE due? Even if the Maxibrute turns out great -I now dont have enough confidence in the companys integrity.

Ill just wait for the MaxiBrute SE. No maybe 3rd edition....

Moog did this with SubPhatty to Sub37. But there was so much difference between the 2. Not an incremental change to make ppl feel duped.

The only way they can save this is making SE firmward available to 1st edition.

18-Mar-14 02:57 AM

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