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MESSE 2014: Roland Aira System 1
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Tribrix    Said...

It's a lot more interesting than I'd originally thought (the "plug-out" business is confusing marketing mumbo jumbo). I like that it's a synth with it's own character that can "transform" into these classic synths. And it sounds decent enough. Seems a good value for the money too (without knowing how much the plug outs are going to cost). I'm optimistic about this synth in a way that I wasn't before.

11-Mar-14 03:52 PM

Benedict J    Said...

Ah, now I get it !

An Arturia Origin for Roland synths? Depends on how "authentic" the ABC sound.. <96khz32bit+builtinUSBaudiointerface!>

I'd be interested to know more about managing the plug-out emulations, I assume one plug-out emulation at a time only?

Better or worse sounding than a King Korg? Looking forward to the full review!

11-Mar-14 03:58 PM

JimJoBobJo    Said...

A Gaia with ugly green lights and a wacky Roland "plug-out" system bound to be abandoned as soon as the EDM bubble bursts in a few years? - Think I'll pass.

11-Mar-14 04:00 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Seems like a worthy successor to the JP-8000. I'll look forward to your review, Nick.

11-Mar-14 04:00 PM

Blake    Said...

I'd just like to have a bit of the "Roland Sound" back in my studio. The clean sound will be a plus as well as the PWM on all the waveforms just like the Analog Four. I could care less about the Plug-out system. I just want the synth. I'm sure the Plug-out feature will be nice but Roland and Clavia don't exactly have a great history with sticking with soft synth implementation.

11-Mar-14 04:13 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

Nick -

I've just posted on and contacted Roland Support on an major issue regarding the VA Synth Tone in the JP80, JP50, Integra 7 and FA range - and wonder if the same issue arises here on the System-1? In fact there are two issues to check out:

1). Most serious is - the PWM on the JP80 VA Synth exhibits brutal Aliasing, audible in treble lead PWM sounds. The Aliasing overtones are so bad as to be louder than the oscillator!

Roland UK have forwarded the issue to Roland JP, but its not clear if they will implement a fix.

2) Some of us have just spotted that the 'Supersaw' on the JP80 is a sample - not a VA oscillator! Again - to check this on System-1, knock off all effects and play a raw Supersaw in the upper octaves and if a sample, you should hear the looping. Its easily audible on the JP80.

The Jp80's Supersaw detune fader (which must just create detuned versions of the sample!).

Again - could you check this out to find out if the Supersaw on System 1 is a true oscillator or a sample?

I'm a huge fan of Roland equipment and own many of their synths - I'm not a 'Roland basher' - but these two very recent discoveries on the JP80 VA Synth Tone are worrying. I've contacted Roland and in fairness they are looking into them. But - PWM is unusable on the JP80 - at least in the treble range - and the Supersaw being a sample is a big disappointment.

Would be grateful if you'd scrutinise System 1 in these regards to see if it's an improvement.


11-Mar-14 04:54 PM

brianfromusa    Said...

Weird feature set...powerful sound engine with a lousy keyboard (too short, no velocity even) and only 8 patch slots?

11-Mar-14 05:30 PM

CI    Said...

That plug out system just bring back some smells from the Varios from year 2000. The lack of roadmap is clearly a sign from Roland to not support the product if the short terms sells are not good. The keybed must be the same from the Edirol PCR-M1. Maybe the requirements was that the synth could be carried in a carry on luggage (which I do with the PCR-M1)

12-Mar-14 12:58 AM

TellsItLikeItIs    Said...

Released at a Dance Fair, showing with DJ gear at Musik Messe, keyboard has NO velocity or aftertouch = not a proper instrument.

This is DJ toy for EDM fans.

12-Mar-14 06:51 AM

BuriedInSnow!    Said...

Ok, we have pitch bend. What about modulation?

12-Mar-14 07:36 AM

abc    Said...

I was looking forward to some new roland and like the idea of the possibility to plug-out same clasics if the sound is there. But im realy disappointed that they arnt taking advantage if all the digital strengths.... Only 8 patch storage what the... Add $50 to the price and provide 256 that can also be shared with any of the plugouts. Or is there going to be a pc storage interface. Got to ask who are they aiming this product at. Seems its not clearly anywhere. Or maybe just not at me :(

17-Mar-14 03:49 AM

Audesi    Said...

I just got mine. I can hear audible aliasing in the filter while sweeping with the resonance near high. I made sure the volume was low enough.

01-Jul-14 04:04 PM

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