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MESSE 2014: Akai Introduces A New MPX
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RP    Said...

10 Years ago I would have been standing in line now for one of these, but I think they missed the market. Anyone who wants to do portable sketchpad writing will use a smart device, anyone who wants a dedicated midi controller will spend the same money and buy any of the number of better options. God though, if I'd bought an MPX8 I'd be beyond annoyed now, record was an essential function.

11-Mar-14 08:15 AM

brianfromusa    Said...

I'll disagree with RP. Seems though it's twice the price it does address most of the shortcomings of the MPX8 (hope the RAM is bigger and bank load speed is improved)and fits in with the current rage for lots of little boxes spaghetti wired together (which I'm no fan of). I.e. use this alongside Volcas, etc.

11-Mar-14 08:57 AM

Peter K    Said...

I think this is cool. Most of the iOS apps limit sample length to 10 seconds or so, including iMPC. A band could use this to trigger loops, or song intros and not have to worry about time constrictions.

11-Mar-14 08:33 PM

Tim    Said...

I think there's a good market for it. It's a great little cheap thing to trigger one-shots (crashes, effects and such) with that you don't want to include in your patterns. I might pick this one up.

12-Mar-14 03:50 AM

tb    Said...

a modern S20

12-Mar-14 08:33 AM

DCS    Said...

I'm hoping to use this live to trigger sections of backing tracks as one-shots. The only thing that stopped me from buying the MPX8 was the position of the output jacks (can't sit on the right side of a Nord lead or Virus TI, which is an issue for me) so I'm delighted to see that fixed. But no one has mentioned the size of sample ram so far, making me suspect that they haven't expanded it up from 30 mb, which would really be a shame.

12-Mar-14 09:20 AM

Stoney J    Said...

Really now,what more should we expect for 99/199USD..One's own creative limitations are the real drawbacks .

30-Apr-14 11:35 AM

Ylow    Said...

I own the MPX8 and it has been a great addition to my live rig. Triggering arrangements on the spot is a very useful feature and there is very few affordable options out there now. The MPX16 is a valuable addition as long as the loading speed and the RAM are upgraded. This is a very very useful and needed product. Thanks AKAI!

06-Jun-14 08:07 PM

overjoid    Said...

My 1 question is -- with presumably (hopefully) an acceptable load time for short drum samples, can I change sample sets with a midi program change?


08-Jun-14 07:18 PM

Fake    Said...

Can this play multiple samples simultaneously? I don't want their drum machine I want a drum sampler, but the 8 only plays one at a time right? Does 16 fix this?

27-Aug-14 10:55 PM

bovinelife    Said...

The 8 can play many at a time, I have one.

15-Sep-14 04:36 PM

bovinelife    Said...

The 8 can play many at a time, I have one.

15-Sep-14 04:37 PM

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