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Podcast: Sonic TALK 349 - Avid Woes, Mac Pro - No?
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Mattsynth    Said...

Robbie hit it right about the new MacPro. With no PCIe slot I will have to reconfigure my entire studio. Firewire is the right forward direction to go for the future but for now that would be a tremendous cost to me because my entire studio is PCIe bases. I will be giving it a couple of years before buying the new MacPro and I am praying that the MacPro I have now keeps running for that duration. I am also freezing all my software from updates because everything work great right now. Time to make music and stop shopping for the newest technology.

27-Feb-14 08:15 AM

Alex    Said...

Not for nothing, but:

27-Feb-14 12:30 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

yes buts that a 1 slot chassis for someone like myself I would need at least a 2 slot one for my 2 UAD Octo's then I have to buy an Apogee Thunderbridge for my Symphony & then I would need another thunderbolt to eSATA chassis for drive management… by the time I have done all that its the best part of £2500 before you spend the £6+ k on a nee Mac Pro that rivals my 12 core last generation…No need to freeze everything where it is though I am on Logic X , MOuntain Lion & the latest of all my many plugs all is good…..Hmnmm not yet on the new MacPro though

27-Feb-14 12:41 PM

Woo    Said...

Apple's implementation of dual high-end graphics cards, and being able to drive three 4k monitors, makes clear that Apple has designed the Mac Pro for the video market. You can use it for audio (and you can read on Gearslutz and elsewhere about people who bought one and saying they're getting 165 tracks in Logic using the 6-core version) but it wasn't made with you in mind.

27-Feb-14 06:17 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

It won't matter much soon if Pro Tools gets lost in the bankruptcy debacle.

28-Feb-14 02:00 AM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

@Adam Bailey, Avid might be a fly blown carcass because of the debt it's carrying but there's too much IP associated with Pro Tools to be ignored. In the worst case it will be worth something to someone.

28-Feb-14 06:33 AM

SammyJames    Said...

People still use ProTools...?!

28-Feb-14 01:01 PM

SammyJames    Said...

In all seriousness - there I was listening to David Spiers, and agreeing with him 100% on the issue of apps and "phones." And then Gaz Williams took the thought right out of my head when he suggested that a mobile device is a great way to get field recordings!

I TOTALLY agree with that -- but for me, it's just because I'm so bloody POOR. Sure -- if I could afford a Roland or Tascam or even one of the more expensive Zoom handy recorders, I would buy one in an instant. But I can't -- so, being "stuck" with a reasonably-good alternative (my Samsung SIII -- yes, even with the on-board microphones) is a perfectly-usable alternative.

28-Feb-14 01:46 PM

Peter K    Said...

Some great conversations about the consumption of music.

If you're having issues with the OS of the Analog Keys, I highly encourage you to check out the Prophet 12 from DSI. It truly sounds amazing, very authentic analog when you want, and it's both the easiest and deepest polysynth I've ever owned, used, or played.

01-Mar-14 12:24 AM

Alfalfa    Said...

Isn't the Prophet 12 Analog!?

01-Mar-14 05:16 AM

Leslie    Said... Yep, iOS apps are not up to it ;)

01-Mar-14 07:01 AM

robbiemacman    Said...

It was made with me in mind just only when I run out of power on my current 12 core mac pro ;-)

01-Mar-14 08:57 PM

Logical    Said...

Logic Pro X is the new Pro Tools. Time for the 'Pro' music world to move on over.

AVID / ProTools buried their own future. No one is immune. The likes of SSL and 24-Track 2" were the standard not 10- 12 years ago. Pro Tools is now gone. The IP is irrelevant- it would need the company to sustain it and their gone.

Logic Pro X on MacPro - sorted!

02-Mar-14 11:19 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Leslie -

Amazing music over there on Youtube. Do you describe your work flow anywhere, in particular your use of Lemur, and its control of Ableton and IN instruments?


02-Mar-14 11:33 AM

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