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Software Writes Your Songs For You
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brian from usa    Said...

All that money spent on music lessons...wasted!

19-Feb-14 08:26 AM

Musician    Said...

Pathetic in the extreme. What will be next from this company: software to find you the perfect partner - no need for you to bother, if you're single, our software will save you the effort by sending you weekly pictures, audio clips and such of other couples - but it promises to be Just as fulfilling as if you were in the relationship. Roll up - all for just $29 ( with infinite picture updates of other couples!!!) What pathetic looser would buy software to actually write 'music' for you? Just how much ambition and future prospect does such a 'musician' hope to have. If you feel inclined to buy this software and think it'll help you. Go ahead - give the scammer behind this your money! Depressing in the extreme.

19-Feb-14 02:09 PM

Roberto    Said...

I can see how this might actually be educational for someone who is an absolute beginner musician, but based on what I heard in the video, I hope that someone writes software that will listen to the crappy 'music' this program spits out, because I sure don't want to!

19-Feb-14 07:22 PM

Six from NYC    Said...

I think it has a lot of possibility as a creative tool. it won't replace a true musician but it can certainly help beginners understand some music fundamentals.

19-Feb-14 09:59 PM

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