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Prophet '08 Goes From Stength To Strength
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mattsynth    Said...

One of my favorite analog synths in my studio because of the 8 voices, plenty of knobs and wonderful sound. I did have to replace all the encoders because they started failing one at a time. Just make sure you purchase the PE version and you will be in heaven. I would love to see an prophet 08 with a band pass & high pass filter onboard.

12-Feb-14 12:48 PM

CI    Said...

it is called a prophet 12

12-Feb-14 07:53 PM

Peter K    Said...

I had the '08, and then got the Tetra/Mopho X4 combo for the sub oscs. Then I made the switch to the 12. That thing is a genius machine... nearly perfect!!

If you're thinking of making the switch, you will love it, and I really don't think you will miss the analog DCO's.

The 08 is very good gear. The 12 is the greatest polysynth of our generation, hands down.

13-Feb-14 04:15 PM

P8Addict    Said...

I love my '08. I use layered mode in patches where I need the sub-osc (with the second layer oscillators set 2 octaves lower).

14-Feb-14 06:19 AM

selercs    Said...

I like the warm sound of the 08 over the 12. But 12 will make a nice addition to the 08 due to its tonal flexibility. My opinion is to get both if you have the money and get a nice 20 voice synth...or add a mopho x4 and get 24 voices with 12 analog and 12 hybrid voices :)

17-Feb-14 03:41 PM

Peter K.    Said...

That is a great idea but it's important to remember that the P12 doesn't have the poly chain function of the others.

I love the P12 but I do agree that the 08 is very warm. Maybe I'll get the rack at a later date.

21-Jul-14 04:09 PM

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