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NAMM Awards: Top 10 Best Guitar Amplifiers From The Show in 2014
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Scott    Said...

The Rhodes Colossus H-100 is better than all of the amps on your list. Tsk.. Tsk..

05-Jul-14 12:22 AM

I told you.    Said...

Anything Lazy J, bitches.

15-Jul-14 02:31 AM

Heritage Man    Said...

I've been playing guitar for almost five decades. I've owned, and own so many guitars and amplifiers, I don't know how many. I'm appalled when I read, and hear what guitar players claim that one brand is better than another. Each amp, and each guitar performs a specific function. The best "whatever" in the world is the one "YOU" like the most, period.

08-Jan-15 04:04 PM

Mitch Thundercok    Said...

I want to shoot the Fender amp guy.

He should take a lesson from the Marshall amp guy.

Watching the interviewer is great when he is with the Fender guy.

02-Apr-15 07:08 PM

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