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30 years Of Steinberg
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Mattsynth    Said...

I have been using Cubase for over 19 years. I started with Studio Vision software from Opcode many many years ago. Studio Vision was a great studio software and was one of the first to offer digital audio recording. Eventually they went out of business in the mid 90's. That is when I switched to Cubase and have never change since. I have tried many other DAW but always went back to Cubase. Cubase reminds me of an old school recording studio. It works the same way but digitally. I just love that about Cubase. Bravo Steinberg have a happy 30th.

10-Feb-14 01:23 PM

Paul    Said...

Many congratulations, Steinberg!!! I have been using Cubase since 2001 and still very happy. Now how about some 30th Anniversary deals (like free upgrades, maybe?) :)

10-Feb-14 01:43 PM

Ignatius P. Shrike    Said...

yeah, Cubase Score was my first ever DAW, back in '95. My first computer too. Halion was my first PC sample player, prob in about 2002. All seems so long ago now! Happy memories. Thanks Steinberg!

10-Feb-14 03:05 PM    Said...

Steinberg, please make an anniversary edition of early cubase 'MIDI ONLY' that is all some of us want. A midi only stable pc /laptop /windows sequencer would be stunning. There is a market.

10-Feb-14 05:40 PM

Cynic    Said...

"the first integrated virtual sampler, HALion, in 2001" Um, no... EXS24 was integrated into Logic the previous year.

10-Feb-14 08:29 PM

relevant    Said...

never mind the horrid interface... the video interviews are interesting :)

11-Feb-14 11:34 AM

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