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Korg Lambda Recreated For Kontakt
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Revenge of the Words    Said...

Buy three, and you can join the Lambda, Lambda, Lambda fraternity. (Sorry -- OLD movie quote... well, not THAT old...)

07-Feb-14 01:42 PM

Roberto    Said...

Sounds great and the choice of vintage or expanded modes is a really nice touch! Now you need a Delta emulation to sit on that large flat surface on the top of the Lambda!

07-Feb-14 07:45 PM

Saxifraga    Said...

I also found the Kronos Karo librarys Lambda very good sounding. But much of it´s power depended on the Kronos mighty effects. The samples themselves were not that phatt. Maybe I will give this a try and see if it works for me.

09-Feb-14 06:21 PM

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