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More AIRA Teasers - Looks Like Four Models
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Paul    Said...

The smaller ones are the TB-3 - bass synth & seq with some kind of touchscreen keyboard, and probably an effects unit, with big selector knob and couple of pots and switches. The big ones are classic 16-step groovebox and synth with (3 octave?) keyboard. All pretty well visible on this photo:

07-Feb-14 05:42 AM

moss    Said...

One of the small boxes is a vocal FX with vocoder. There was a picture posted some weeks ago.

The second could be a kind of Korgish KAOSSPAD. There was a short glimpse on it in the video.

07-Feb-14 06:02 AM

Fancy Man    Said...

At a local synth clinic i went to that had a Roland representative, i asked if they would ever re release or replicate their legendary machines (808, 909, 303, etc). He told me somethign along the lines of "We will never do that." To me, it sounds like the modulated vpcals are saying "We lied... We lied... We lied... We lied..." Just a thought.

07-Feb-14 06:03 AM

DrTek    Said...

I've been processing the images from Roland and there will be a TR-8 (drum machine) a TB-3 (Touch Bassline a.k.a. 303) a VT-3 (Voice Transformer, multiFx I suppose) and a "plug-out" (???) Synthesizer called System-1 (a.k.a. SH-101). So finally we know what the buzz is about: virtual analog recreations of Rolands hits.

07-Feb-14 06:11 AM

Nick B    Said...

Wow Dr Tek, that sounds a bit forensic, is your day job FBI?

07-Feb-14 06:19 AM

Lu    Said...

A drum machine, vocal transformer, synth and? Looks like an fx box with x-y pad. But they seem to be saying it's a tb-303

When I look at all this gear I think how annoyed I'd be if I didn't have a decent sequencer to pull all this together, so I'm hoping this tb-303 is a sequencer, it's make sense, a bass box doesn't mean much but a sequencer with tb-303 capabilities and more both in voicing and sequencing absolutely makes sense.

And no way can I afford this stuff.

07-Feb-14 06:19 AM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

@FancyMan, that's really interesting because when I spoke to an Australian Roland rep he told me they would never, ever re-do / emulate a D-50 ;)

07-Feb-14 06:32 AM

DrTek    Said...

@Nick B Not really, I'm just bored and all those teasers were putting me on my nerves :)

07-Feb-14 06:50 AM

brandon    Said...

Roland know how to make good gear , and having the piss taken out of them for all the shit they have churned out since the Jp 8000, seems to have paid off. There is a market and acid and techno freaks who like myself love Rolands early gear and will be buying this new crop. My Jp 8080 will sit well , with this gear . So will the 303/clones.Digital or analogue .Those of us who have been into it since the eighties don't give a funk. Nice one Roland at last you respond to your market.

07-Feb-14 06:56 AM

seismo    Said...

DrTek is correct.. if you pause at ~00:30 you can see the words "touch bassline" silkscreened on the face of the touchpad box.

07-Feb-14 07:03 AM

cescopag    Said...

Enhanced images:

07-Feb-14 07:29 AM

NmygT    Said...

thx for the enhanced image. Since they are a modelled affair rather than analog, i'm not really that interested anymore, but look forward to hear them. the synth has at least lots of knobs, i just hope it is not another GAIA incarnation with a fancy name tag to it.

07-Feb-14 08:00 AM

cresshead    Said...

1. is a VT3 vocal processor if you remember the old one the VT1 2. tr808/909 3. is a sh101 update adn 4. is a new version of the tb303

07-Feb-14 09:41 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

Roland has me all excited with this new product, I hope this is not a big let down in the end. One will see.

07-Feb-14 10:03 AM

cresshead    Said...

so nick...beg/borrow a tr808, tb303 and a sh101 to put them side by side in the review!

07-Feb-14 10:24 AM

Bullart.    Said...

It was confirmed with pictures a while back the smaller one is a VT-3, based on the Boss voice transofrmer, but with added vocoder capability. I figured the touch screen one would be a tb-303 type thing.

What really makes me curious is the synth, based on the amount of knobs it has and what appears to be no actual space on it for a screen.

07-Feb-14 10:40 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@brandon: That is a a bit of superficial analysis. Do you seriously think Roland are build their business strategy on grievances expressed on forums. In any case, your point is not correct - Roland have released many products that have been liked since the JP8000, the V-Synth and V-Synth GT being just two to mention.

And - I'd hold your horses on your appraisal of this release. Perhaps the synth has the same synth engine as the GAIA! Wil you be happy then? I'm confident there will be as many gripes about this release as all of their recent ones.

07-Feb-14 11:31 AM


I must not be a patient person because I am tired of these teasers. Even Moog would have a hard time keeping me interested with this many teasers. Excited to hear what they sound like, but boy-howdy Roland, chip chop!

07-Feb-14 01:01 PM

Rustyvst    Said...

everyone knocks on VA, but I just fired up my old Roland SH32 and it has more balls than I remember. almost blew my focals with that filter. Lets wait and see how good these actually sound analog or not.

07-Feb-14 01:16 PM

Vcm    Said...

It seems all is VA crap! It is a shame and big mistake for roland! We do not need close digital copy, we need real analogue, warm and alive!

07-Feb-14 01:50 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Vcm: I'm tired of all this new 'real analogue' coming out. I'm game for some vintage VA for a change.


07-Feb-14 02:03 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Vcm: and in any case - talk about the pot calling the kettle black - are you a virtual implementation of 'cm'?

07-Feb-14 02:05 PM

Vcm    Said...

Just very upset..i then go for tt-303 clone..i hear no soul in digital technology...even dco instead of vco sounds very ugly to me..sure music is different, u can make a hit on a single soft synth, but i see no fun and no inspiration there.. Vcm means voltage controlled mind ) yes i use only full analogue synths and gear ;)

07-Feb-14 02:25 PM

Reality -- Check!    Said...

Analog Component Behavior. Yeah, right. Behavior? Really? Like, it BEHAVES like an analog component? HOW EXACTLY does it "behave" like analog? Inasmuch as digital is just a special CASE of analog (because digital is just on or off -- 1 or 0 -- whereas Analog can be 1, 0, or 0.551235211~). It's "virtual" (i.e., not really) analog. Fine. I don't care because I ain't buyin' it. I just want to make sure that nobody gets taken in by this pyramid scheme "ACB" crap. Oh, and by the way -- nice logo for Aira there... looks sort of triangular... or, ah...

07-Feb-14 02:27 PM

Reality -- Checked!    Said...

Sorry -- Analog CIRCUIT Behavior -- same thing anyway, but just want to make sure that nobody comes along and tries to spoil my point by distracting people from the issue -- which is that this Roland product line is merely more marketing. And it's not 1984 anymore people.

I love the 1980s music too. But there is a new generation of musicians who are creating music that would have been IMPOSSIBLE to create on a small budget thirty years ago.

Those musicians aren't using MiniMoogs. They are using modern computers with powerful software-based synthesis to craft insanely-intricate soundscapes.

I know.

I'm one of them.

07-Feb-14 02:35 PM

Rompers    Said...

All this effort to and lip service to perfectly digitally recreate an analog circuit... Just make the actual analog circuit! That's what everyone wants and why 808s go for 4 grand and why no one will care about these these (once we're all done bitching that is)....oh well, some day Roland with figure it out(or not)

07-Feb-14 03:05 PM

phunster    Said...

The plug-out seems an interface for a software. How deep the software will be it's speculation, but there's a good investigative image here:

07-Feb-14 04:06 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

@Reality -- Checked! : give us a listen to one of those insanely intricate soundscapes

Com'n: soundcloud link please - give us an example

I'm a bit confused. You're distressed by Roland using digital techniques. So what are you using there in that modern computer of yours to make these awesome soundscapes? Hint of a contradiction there?

By the way, I own more than one mint condition CS80 - I adore that instrument. Guess what - using the Arturia CS80V on their 49 note controller is astounding too - rich, soulful, STUNNING sound. I use bucket loads of classic analogue, and equal amounts of virtual plugins - they are all astounding.

Oh, and by the way - the synthesis engine is but one part of the overall picture - and well implemented analogue OR digital are equally rich and rewarding, musically. For me and many others, a plethora of other issues are more pressing - the control surface, performance capabilities, ergonomics, ease of programmability, feature set, interfacing and storage,...

I find your 'rant' a bit too shallow given you mention none of those issues, and present essentially a pointless argument regarding the quality of a new circuit modelling technology you haven’t heard yet. Why not wait to hear it? Why not articulate your concern for now (a fully acceptable stance)? How come you are furious about it already? Here’s the answer – prejudice. FYI, the likes of Korg’s circuit modelling is astounding (I also own OASYS and find the MS20EX to be as raw and cutting as I can cope with. I beta tested it and the PolySixEX; and indeed find the sound of the Polysix nothing short of uncanny compared to the real thing). Korg did a stupendous job.

For me, yes I admit I like and own lots of Roland’s best gear J106, JP6, VP330, JD800, XV5080, V-SynthGt and JP80) – and though these devices are not top of my priority list – there recent Roland videos at least show control surface features that are mouth watering. I can’t wait to see these releases. I suggest you calm down and wait and see too!!

07-Feb-14 04:34 PM

brian from usa    Said...

Let's avoid turning these comments into the same old analog vs. digital argument please!

07-Feb-14 04:40 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

If you want your music to sound like it comes from 1995, then Roland have done it again!

Seriously, if that promo was made with these, I have zero interest in using them. Ableton Live FTW!

07-Feb-14 05:07 PM

Nick B    Said...

Everyone gets so uppity about this sort of thing. I hope Roland do make something usable and useful. It would be timely.

But it s worth remembering - the 808, 303 were sort of mistakes, machines designed for one thing but repurposed for something else so its not like they knew what they were doing!

These presumably will be designed for now and with some actual real life application, not just replications, so I'm hopeful.

Analog v Digital is an endless, un-winnable discussion. But really, its a first world problem, music is made either way and some of it is great, some isn't regardless of the kit used.

But, we are picking up the TR8 and TB3 on Monday for a quick review before they are released and I am excited, whatever the outcome.

More next week

07-Feb-14 05:17 PM

nebula    Said...

I have posted blown up and re-touched photos, and some analysis of these products at FWIW the bassline product is called the "TB-3" and its subtext is "TOUCH BASSLINE".

07-Feb-14 08:39 PM

Champ    Said...

What I did was listening to the AIRA commercials with my eyes closed. I didn't feel once that I needed it yesterday. And its not that weird considering Roland hasn't made anything interesting in the last decades. All I'm thinking is they again haven't learned one thing about their Juno and Jupiter fiasco's. Sure these synths can do all kinds of things but they all sound like 1001 other synths and workstation out there. Its not about creating what sounds amazing its about producing was is selling high volumes. That to me is a really really worrisome attitude. People buy way to many junk. Please stop doing that, safe some resources, safe some money and buy the real deal. Companies using their old glory for new digital stuff and then wonder why everyone is bitching about it. I think Roland and others will never get this together and keep living in their own bubble. (it also shows their lack of innovation and trying to be bold) Its not only Roland, it been a hype for a long long time now. DSI, Korg, Arturia, TC, UA , KRK, Waves, Slate, Focusrite and many others all do the same thing basically. Everybody is being tricked by these marketing techniques and unfortunately there aren't many people speaking up about it. All that stuff wouldn't sell that great if it wasn't advertised so much as something it isn't. And if the real stuff was still for sale and not so expensive these products wouldn't stand a change in the market I think. This is how false claims come into existence every time. It doesn't sound as the real deal, but lets go advertise it as such. Blegh hate that! I wish I could be less negative about this but its been going on for so long now and it only seems to be getting worse.

08-Feb-14 05:08 AM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

@Champ - do you own a JP80? Have you spent time on it? On what basis are you calling it a fiasco? Please answer both questions to let us see where you're coming from.

08-Feb-14 05:34 AM

digit62    Said...

Why model when you could recreate the real thing? An endless discussion when it always comes down to the fact of what you do with it. The clubbers on the dancefloor don't give a funk about the track being created on old vintage gear or 'in the box' with software. If the tool sounds good it doesn't matter if it's old skool or new as long as it sounds right. The 21st century is about conveniance and user experience. Making the sounds accesible in an easy way no matter what the tech behind it is. Korg are going the 'analogue' retro path. Roland have decided to take it further going on their legacy. If done right they deserve all the credit. If done bad, they will hopefully learn.

08-Feb-14 10:15 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

It all looks like good craic to me. Let's have it, Roland, and then the naysayers can go "eh?...oh!". ;-)

08-Feb-14 11:10 AM

Champ    Said...


Nope don't own one, played with it at Namm last year. J80 and J50 were next to each other. Me and some other person looked at each other and were like are they kiddin us.

Its not a bad product perc but the marketing was total nonsense. It doesn't sound anything like the old jupiters. Its probably great for on stage with all the bells and whistles. For me it was everything I was not hoping for. I think its lame when companies milk the names so much. The even went the look in some ways as the old jupiter8. I mean come on why!?

I'm very jealous of your CS80 btw. Maybe we can make a deal. I give you all Arturia's software plus some controllers and I'll take your CS80? I can already guess your answer hehe. :p

08-Feb-14 11:51 AM

Gmn    Said...

08-Feb-14 11:55 AM

Kevin Nolan    Said...


Agree the hype was OTT. But I do own the JP80. Name aside, it's good. Let be qualify that - I hate the Registration-Liveset-Tone architecture - FAR too complicated. But - Supernatural Acoustic is truly astounding. Very, VERY good. And their Supernatual Synth is equally exquisite. I know they all sound a bit the same - but Roland have done a really good job on the oscillators and filter. It's on the 'good list' of VAs. It can sound raw and punchy, and huge and broad. So on the pure sonic end of things, they really did work at it. I accept full using the Jupiter name was probably a mistake, and though I've had my frustrations with the ergonomics, it sounds magnificent.

Anyway , over on korg forums they've posted some photos so it looks like the synth is a VA, so a lot are going to be disappointed no doubt. I'm excited I have to say:

08-Feb-14 12:32 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

Oops, here's the full link to the AIRA photos:

08-Feb-14 12:34 PM

OSCar    Said...

The JP80 is a performance keyboard that actually has a surprisingly deep synthesis engine that isn't trying to sound anything more than itself. Perhaps giving the Jupiter name was a mistake but the SN-S and SN-A engines are incredibly nice to work with and the tone blender features on the JP80 are lovely. I got an Integra-7 instead due to budget limitations and because it easily replaced both my JD900 Expanded and two D550 racks units I had. That said too infer that Roland have done nothing decent since the 80's is a bit ridiculous. The D50, JD800/990, VSynth, Variphrase Technology, JP8080, S750 Sampler, MV8800 and XV5080 where all incredibly good pieces of gear and i know of plenty of people getting mileage out of their 1080's to this day. I think people forget the framework from which the 808,909,303,101 etc rose to the status they now have. It was largely by accident and definitely not through deliberate design intent. I have enough analog in the studio MS20, SubPhatty, Analog Four, Microbrute along with FM and other digital pieces. There seems to be a sort of mythos about analog that has become dogma in recent years and quite frankly it needs to stop. Yamaha's FDSP Engine - never continued sadly, Kawai got out of the synth market after the K5000S (another travesty), Waldorf seem to be back in the analog camp when I still think the Xtk was one of the best synths they made and products like the Neuron tanked also. Analog has a place in the lexicon and rich vocabulary of musical language and electronic music creation but it is not the be all and end all reference point of the user experience. Personally I want to see new digital technology with better hands on interfacing, particularly in the hardware realm. I am just not a big fan of programming synths via a mouse or trying to program a digital pcm synth from a letter box sized cryptic display. That said if these work well as pieces of hardware, and are sonically in the pocket (I'm not looking for perfect emulations here) then I don't see what the issue is. There are plenty of people with hardware who inevitably end up turning to soft synths in the recording process ( kind of defeats the purpose but hey whatever ). We should just stop expecting Roland to be the company they have been mythologized into being over the years and let it be the company that it is. Just because a certain product isn't for you it doesn't make it instantly shit or somehow any less valid to someone else's creative work flow. Variety is the spice of life after all and there are a slew of people creating great analog kit in the market place now to fill that need. Lastly, if we all worked the same way and produced the same music it would be a freaking boring place indeed.

08-Feb-14 12:55 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

I am so absolutely sick and tired of listening to this A vs D nonsense. It's all about music in the end so go out and make some noise rather than constantly arguing the toss about what makes the noise in the first place!! I'm with Nick on this one, enough people!!

08-Feb-14 11:08 PM

Marcus Eoin    Said...

I have to agree with LagrangeAudio, analog will always be better than digital.

: )

09-Feb-14 01:22 AM

Adam    Said...

I would love to see real analog but have nothing against VA, since DIVA came out, i believe that emulation get really close. How well it is implemented it is the question, how high is the pot resolution and the fun factor. Lets hear before we judge.

09-Feb-14 03:18 AM

Tuukka    Said...

I sort of prefer the virtual analog approach more than going with the trend of going true analog. They can add much more processing into the devices. For example as much as i like my korg volca bass it has nothing on the Berlin gadget on korg Gadgets which simply blows it out of the water with couple of neat processing tricks and effects. But i do mostly prefer hardware so really exited to see what roland comes up with

09-Feb-14 03:55 AM

Tuukka    Said...

Oops..meant Chicago gadget.. Not berlin

09-Feb-14 04:01 AM


Everyone gets their knickers in a twist over stuff like this. Remember that back in the day, Roland made stuff with the technology that they had at the time. Jupiter didn't mean 'cool analogue synth', it meant 'flagship range instrument'. 'Juno' didn't mean 'cool analogue synth', it meant 'budget range instrument'. Now they have digital technology and that's what they're going with. The Jupiter 80 isn't my thing at all, but it's their expensive, flagship, do-it-all instrument. Remember - wedding bands may use Jupiter 80s now to knock out covers at the weekends, but I've seen it happen back in the day, with a Juno 106 in its' place.

09-Feb-14 04:27 AM

Bob    Said...

09-Feb-14 09:35 AM

Simon    Said...

The System-1 looks very promising since SH-101's on eBay are selling for a small fortune. I'm glad they added a small FX section to the layout. A little delay or reverb goes a long way with any mono-synth. I hope the basic synth engine is analog based with digital control like the Dave Smith or newer Moog synths.

09-Feb-14 05:40 PM

Chris Simmons    Said...

.... IT'S A TRAP ! .....

09-Feb-14 06:14 PM

JOHNY IVE SAYS :    Said...

MAN THEY NEED TO BRING BACK THE SP-808ex with sampling capabilities to put the OCTATRACK to SHAME with intuitive user UI AND . . . PLEASE BRING BACK THE SP-808EX

09-Feb-14 08:24 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

So I can tell you that the System-1 has 2 osc, multi-mode filter and amp, 2 envelopes, not analog from what I can tell but who cares. TB-3, think 303 with touch screen, TR-8: the only thing I don't know is whether it can import samples, that would be nice, would be silly if it couldn't frankly. VT-3, not interested BUT holistically the thing could be the four units are bigger than their parts?

10-Feb-14 01:57 AM

Larry Jefferson    Said...

When will they arive for review?

10-Feb-14 06:28 AM

Throe    Said...

Nick said he'll be picking up the TR-8 and TB-3 today. though with all the secrecy and NDA's they probably won't be up before Saturday at the earliest. the Tr-8 doesn't import samples but has an EXT IN section (towards the top right of the unit). the TB-3 doesn't have an iPad type touch screen. it's more like the X/Y pad of the Kaossilator (based on the last video @1:35 where you can see the LED's).

10-Feb-14 01:57 PM

DvA: DOA    Said...

Digital IS analog -- it is a special case of analog, in which the available values are ON or OFF -- 1 or 0.

Electrons don't magically change just because they are travelling through a maze of silicon or through a jungle of copper wires and potentiometers.

From Wikipedia (

Since the information is encoded differently in analogue and digital electronics, the way they process a signal is consequently different. All operations that can be performed on an analogue signal such as amplification, filtering, limiting, and others, can also be duplicated in the digital domain. Every digital circuit is also an analogue circuit, in that the behaviour of any digital circuit can be explained using the rules of analogue circuits.

The first electronic devices invented and mass-produced were analogue. The use of microelectronics has made digital devices cheap and widely available.



10-Feb-14 06:15 PM

zvukoprocessor    Said...

making digital models of subtractive synthesis is as stupid as it gets, it will never sound as good no matter how smart the designer is or how detailed the model is. just recently i was comparing microkorg and sh-101 and I was laughing at korg, roland just sounded unreal - so simple design and yet so beautiful sounding instrument living, breathing and i would say alive while microkorg with it's VA sounded flat-dead-plastic. still useful just as an electic contrabass is useful but will never sound as good as acoustic one NEVER, some things you can never ever measure and model. In my view this is not digital vs. analog debate at all as I love digital synthesis: wavetable, granular and even PCM - are all very good and do what they are good at much better then analog. classic old school subtractive synthesis - best done with analog electronics. Some musicians who must have total recall of all stages of their composition can get perfectly good results with plugins, some touring musicians that must have huge sound libraries on stage with quick recall and good sound quality are better of with Jupiter-80 and similar "workstations". I do live hardware only techno these days and I'm very happy using Elektron's digital Monomachine and Machinedrum on stage. but in the studio I want to fully enjoy myself with the best sound I can have: modular synth for everything except polyphonic sound as I can't yet afford analog poly so I use Nord Lead1 and Waldorf XTk for wavetable stuff (poly) until I'll get the forthcoming MOTM E-370 4 voice wavetable oscillator module. To sum it all up: Need a violin sound? use real violin played by real human player. Need an electric guitar sound? use real guitarist with real guitar and an amp. need analog sound? use a real analog synth.

11-Feb-14 01:46 AM

Voltage Controlled Mind    Said...

Fully agree with zvukoprocessor! Are U russian ksati? ;)

Myself I own a great number of 100% analogue synths, mainly modern ones from doepfer, vermona, analogue solutions, eowave, etc. I used to have in parallel two VAs - Korg MS2000BR and Waldarf Micro Q...Well in isolation they sound really nice, each with its own character even..But in the mix they are simply lost or/and never fit to other sounds recordered from above mentioned discrete synths. They were kind of plastic, thin...I believe if I used only VAs it would be okay, but as human perceive all in comparison manner, they reveal its weak sounds immediately..So I sold these VAs..And go on buying only analogue stuff :) yes, call me analogue synth slut :)

11-Feb-14 02:49 AM

MonoMac    Said...

Oh seriously people. I mix both together all the time in the mix and they work perfectly well together. My Nord Modular never had any problems holding its own against my MS20 or Analog 4 or Leipzig and Moog for example.

My Supernova Rack could easily hold its own against a Juno106 or 60 in the Poly keys department no problems either.

If your Micro Q or MS2000 are lost in the mix against your analog gear learn to mix properly. That is all I'll say on the matter. Plenty of people use Waldorf Q's, Xt's etc in an analog rig without any problems.

Why anyone would not want a diverse blend of analog, fm, wavetable, sample based and other digital technologies in their studio arsenal is beyond me.

Seriously this is just getting laughable right about now.

Just for the record I'm 46 and have used a lot of gear over the years and I'd even pit Reaktor and Tassman against anything by AS and Doepfer for sound and flexibility and all of them would work perfectly in a mix. I also work predominantly with hardware only VA/FM/Analog/PCM its all gravy when used well (yes even together).

11-Feb-14 12:09 PM

zvukoprocessor    Said...

@voltage controlled mind

sort of... ;-)

12-Feb-14 03:19 AM

ben1210    Said...

It sounds to e like a lot of people are trying to justify the massive dent in their bank account by using words which don't make sense in a musical context. From my point of view this will all hinge on the price/workflow/sound and it makes absolutely no odds to me how the wibbles are generated. It sounds to me like a lot of people are trying to justify the massive dent in their bank account by taking digital down.

12-Feb-14 08:21 AM

ben1210    Said...

And remember kids reread posts to avoid repeating yourself!

12-Feb-14 08:22 AM

mekkael    Said...

I am not sure I was really excited about the initial announcement but after the reveal that its all digital remakes it didn't work out for me. My (humble) opinion is that unless you go 96 khz for a digital synth - innovation can only come from digitally controlled analogue stuff. Otherwise we are getting another emulator and that just tells me to go towards the Elektron way

12-Feb-14 06:49 PM

mekkael    Said...

I am not sure I was really excited about the initial announcement but after the reveal that its all digital remakes it didn't work out for me. My (humble) opinion is that unless you go 96 khz for a digital synth - innovation can only come from digitally controlled analogue stuff. Otherwise we are getting another emulator and that just tells me to go towards the Elektron way

12-Feb-14 06:49 PM

mekkael    Said...

I am not sure I was really excited about the initial announcement but after the reveal that its all digital remakes it didn't work out for me. My (humble) opinion is that unless you go 96 khz for a digital synth - innovation can only come from digitally controlled analogue stuff. Otherwise we are getting another emulator and that just tells me to go towards the Elektron way

12-Feb-14 06:50 PM

Mekkael    Said...

I am not sure I was really excited about the initial announcement but after the reveal that its all digital remakes it didn't work out for me. My (humble) opinion is that unless you go 96 khz for a digital synth - innovation can only come from digitally controlled analogue stuff. Otherwise we are getting another emulator and that just tells me to go towards the Elektron way

12-Feb-14 06:51 PM

mekkael    Said...

I am not sure I was really excited about the initial announcement but after the reveal that its all digital remakes it didn't work out for me. My (humble) opinion is that unless you go 96 khz for a digital synth - innovation can only come from digitally controlled analogue stuff. Otherwise we are getting another emulator and that just tells me to go towards the Elektron way

12-Feb-14 06:51 PM

mekkael    Said...

apologies for quadruple posting - I think we need a "message posted" confirmation on the system -

12-Feb-14 06:55 PM

Bob    Said...

What's the connection between WASG in the SH32 and the new so called ACB. I'll tell ya............. Bullshit , that's what

13-Feb-14 04:25 AM

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