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Prophet 12 Module Is Now Shipping
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Henri    Said...

Oh boy! We need your review on this module ASAP! :)

07-Feb-14 06:21 AM

Peter K    Said...

Yeah, what Henri said!!

08-Feb-14 05:43 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

This just does not inspire me, at all. The P12 sounds amazing, but the keyboard version has a wonderful control surface. Why isn't on this?? I don't get it.

There are exquisite plugins - even free ones - that can sound amazing and have the full capability of a computer GUI. Why on earth, would anyone buy this device, back to the 'decorating the hall through the letter box' concept of the DX7.

I suspect this just will not sell. Lots of people will admire it, but when faced with a $2000 + bill for a few knobs to get a hundreds of parameters, I don't care how eloquent the OS is - it will ALWAYS be slow, cumbersome and remain unprogrammed.

BIG mistake in my opinion. It should have the same control surface as the keyboard version.

Accept the sound is great, but that's only one part of what a synth is (especially for this price).

By contrast - Keyboard version - stunning in every department - a masterpiece.

10-Feb-14 03:49 PM

Peter K    Said...

Just got the keyboard yesterday. It truly is a masterpiece...

I think the main advantages of a module format like this is that it's easy to transport, and it's a thousand dollars cheaper than the keyboard. As far as the interface goes, I'm sure it won't be as fast as the keyboard, but from the videos I've seen, it looks like it will be pretty quick to get around for its size.

11-Feb-14 08:17 PM

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