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Korg MS20 Kit Unboxing By Original Designers
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Richard    Said...

Would have made more sense to have a switch for the filter type on the outside for the case rather than on the circuit board.

07-Feb-14 05:24 AM

Blake    Said...

The kit is for do-it-yourself. Buy one Richard and make it happen. Modify it so you have a filter switch on yours. ;-)

07-Feb-14 05:35 AM

Mikko    Said...

The manual for the kit is available online, and there's actually a way to choose the filter by holding down specific keys when turning it on. Not as nice as a separate switch, but at least you won't need to open it every time.

07-Feb-14 07:25 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

What happens if you mess up the assembly or the thing dies on you? Is it covered under the warranty or will Korg just say "You built it, you fix it".

07-Feb-14 05:07 PM

Peter K    Said...

If they sold it assembled, I'd trade my MS-20 Mini for it just for the upgrade in key size and build quality alone.

09-Feb-14 09:34 AM

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