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Elektron Analog 4 -Childsplay To Use - Check out this 7 Year Old
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RP    Said...

Or perhaps a 40 year old midget. I'm just sayin

04-Feb-14 09:56 PM

TGH    Said...


05-Feb-14 04:42 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Just how creepy and cynical is this? Look at the camera setup. It's all rigged. The kid was probably groomed for hours and hours on it.

What's the point they are trying to make? It's this - everyone finds their hardware too difficult to use effectively, because it's badly designed, too cluttered and with too many options, like badly designed 90's groove boxes.

And since the user base, and Elektron know this - they felt the need to counteract that view by indicating that a even a 7 year old can use it.

So Elektron are acknowledging that their products are designed badly. Thank you Elektron for being clear on that point, finally.

Of course a 7 year old can use its functions. He's from the gaming, txting generation. It's not rocket science, and anyone can learn to use it - that's not the issue.

The issue is - can he produce music on it? Easily - and in real time, even on stage? The answer to those questions, for him and for all of us is - NO!

So Elektron - instead of putting out carefully crafted, patronizing, cynical videos like this - how about getting back to the drawing board and designing your products to be actually usable - easily and in real time. And - cut the price by half while you're at it (it's easy - just cut the number of silly buttons by half!!)

05-Feb-14 07:14 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

PS - NOBODY likes round buttons - they are not easy on the eye and confuse usage (all good designers know this). Round for knobs - square for buttons (just look a the keys on your computer for guidance)...

05-Feb-14 07:19 AM

tubesockor    Said...

@Synth_Fan: I'm actually not sure if you are serious or not (it is impossible to know on the 'net...), but I will reply as if you are. Nevertheless, details are always interesting :)

I am the creator and uploader of the video (as well as father of the 7-year-old). Elektron had absolutely no idea about this video until I tagged them in a tweet.

"Photographic" is his favorite DM track, and he has listened to it maaany times (as well as played it on the piano and A4). I just wanted to capture what I have seen him do before on the A4, to keep as a memory. I also saw this as a way of actually trying out a two-cam setup and learn how a video like this can be done, at the same time.

The recording took the exact length of the video, about 10 minutes. This is the second try, and all filmed in one go. On the first try, it was I who messed something up technically after two minutes, so we had to re-record.

If you search you might find a Soundcloud recording, where he and his sister is singing/playing a cover of a Christmas song. They really like the Elektron machines, and I gladly support them when trying to learn how to use them (or other instruments). It is impressive to see how quick they pick up things.

Note: I don't really think it would be an "issue" if a 7-year-old is not able to do a full Live DJ set on stage... :)

05-Feb-14 06:51 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

So simple a 7 year old can play this synth but so complex a professional musician will never run out of ideas and options. The Analog Four is the most innovative instrument I have purchased in the last three years. You can literally write a song on this unit within seconds. The possibilities are endless. Electron has a winner here.

06-Feb-14 10:58 AM

Steve_Satan    Said...

I just picked up an ANalog Four and I think the best thing about it is the interfacing with vintage Korg and Yamaha synths. It's like it breathes new life into them.

07-Feb-14 01:21 PM

mikefreq    Said...

@tubesokor Nice, I love the workflow... I'm holding out for the RYTM because I love drum boxes. My MPC 2500 is still the most useful piece of gear in the studio but it's getting a little long in the tooth. Thanks for the video!

@Synth_Fan who is cynical? Uhmmm, that would be you! Thanks anyway, you prompted interesting responses yo!

07-Feb-14 03:01 PM

HT    Said...

Tell him to blow his nose.

08-Feb-14 10:11 AM

Blake    Said...

I agree with Matrixsynth. The Analog Four is an awesome piece of kit. So much so, that I really kinda overlooked the RTYM because I already make great drum sounds on the A4. It even comes through when my DSI Mx4 does not after that last OS upgrade that made it polyphonic. Seminal piece of gear folks.

09-Feb-14 04:56 PM

Sean Sax    Said...

@tubesockor - You should be very proud of your son and his very apparent love and gift for making music.

If all we have in response to this video is evaluation of the gear and cynicism towards the video's authenticity, it's pretty clear to me that we might all be spending a bit too much time alone in the studio and not enough among the rest of mankind.

This is a video of a seven year old making music. If you watched this video and missed out on just how beautiful a fact THAT is, you might want to visit a walk in clinic and have your humanity checked.

10-Feb-14 04:49 PM

tubesockor    Said...

Thanks for the kind words!

22-Feb-14 10:17 AM

PJ    Said...

Nice key for youngsters to open this fantastic world for creating, its easy and will be easier.

Go for the future...

27-Feb-14 04:03 PM

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