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NAMM 2014: Freaqbox Murmux Synths From Greece
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gmn    Said...

Seems a tad pricey but for a completely original hand made synth that's not outrageous.

I'd like to hear more sound demos though, but I'm very interested!

30-Jan-14 10:55 AM

jLeKj    Said...

WoW it is SOOOOOOOO beautiful.

I'm getting two!!

30-Jan-14 03:21 PM

UghMyEars    Said...

Seems to me like it could give you a nasty friction burn as well as ear cancer.

I suppose when your country is that far down s*** creak, you have to have a dream; no matter how fanciful.

02-Feb-14 10:04 AM

Can    Said...

The look of it is interesting for me. Reminds me of the mid 1900s.

04-Feb-14 12:29 AM

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