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Roland AIRA Artist Interviews
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After watching these videos in sequence of when they were released multiple times, I am sure of a couple things. One of them being that Roland is releasing something with keys! NOT JUST DRUM MACHINES AND A VOCODER. In the video released right before this one there is a shot at 57 seconds that shows something with TONS of knobs and some keys that are visible in the bottom right hand side of the screen. There are also some faders on the right side of the synth in this shot. If these sound any good, VA or real analog- I am excited. Come on Roland- please release something COOL!

28-Jan-14 01:15 PM

GTRman    Said...

I have that feeling that we are all going to be disappointed. Too much hype. Then I do hope I am wrong, but I don't think I will be. Or will I be disappointed if I don't want to be but think I am. I wish I would not be or think I will not be disappointed. Anyway we are always hoping. After all of this hype if it is not breathtaking cool I will be very disappointed.

28-Jan-14 01:38 PM

Lu    Said...

Someone in marketing fancies the self too much and forgot that we are people, we can get annoyed, bored, and more importantly hostile to the entire brand name. These videos should have been released AFTER the announcement. I am now officially a HATER.

28-Jan-14 01:58 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

I refuse to believe that ANY company who has the balls that roland have had here, to build it all up with all these teaser videos - there's obviously more than one product in the AIRA range/concept - would get it as wrong as so many people have already said on so many forums. Come on, guys ( and girls, wherever you are), it's too easy to knock, but let's have it for the guts taken at least, to have all these sneaky vids lined up. No one, other than elektron perhaps, would have the front to do that, so there just has to be a winning combo somewhere in the forthcoming hardware. Im waiting for the reveal and my fingers and toes are crossed for a good result!;-)

28-Jan-14 03:06 PM

HnnH    Said...

Does anyone else find it strange that Roland is aiming these directly to the dance market by name-checking their old gear and now even getting artists involved and yet the 808, 303 etc. were all retroactively found by the originators of electronic dance music and used in ways the designers never intended. I'm curious to see what happens, but I bloody hate EDM so my guess would be I'm outside the target demo.

28-Jan-14 03:41 PM

WaveForm    Said...

Roland has never been great at demoing their products so I'll leave my opinions on hold until I actually see a review (hint hint Nick) I also believe Roland did themselves a disservice for not introducing this range at NAMM.

28-Jan-14 06:52 PM

Audesi    Said...

The sliders are on the drum machine. The one with keys is a bass synth (TB-303). The other is a vocoder.

28-Jan-14 08:19 PM

Peter K.    Said...

My two cents: it will be a VA based product that has super high quality samples (or models) of the 808 and 909, with modelling for the 303 and possibly a polyphonic 101 thrown in for good measure. We will see.

If it works well and it's a good product, then it is.

Personally, I am more excited by the Elektron piece, but this could be a very good instrument in its own right.

Although I don't like everything Roland have come out with lately, there are some great things in their Jupiter synths. I think the Integra-7 is a very good piece for what it is as well.

Something doesn't have to be analog to be good. It just has to be good to be good.

29-Jan-14 06:21 PM

HateOhate    Said...

Right across the internets there are forum threads overflowing with hate and cynicism for this 8 faux 8; and it's not even been released yet.

I'm actually prepared to judge it on its own merits, but why must Roland make that so incredibly difficult?

The core problem seems to be the huge disconnect between the Roland party line "We're looking forwards"[sic] and the marketing spiel, in which they're ever so keen to remind us of their legacy.

You want to make a supernatural synth? Fine, just don't call it a freaking Jupiter.

Roland needs chemo, badly.

02-Feb-14 09:47 AM

Crustibooga    Said...

AIRA = Analog Instrument Retro Acid! AIRA = Antagonistic Instrument of Roland Angst

03-Feb-14 03:12 AM

OneLetterFromTerror    Said...

Ambivalence Increases Revenue Apparently

04-Feb-14 02:16 PM

Crustibooga    Said...

So there they are using new digital technology to faithfully emulate analogue circuitry (ACB) A synth SH101ish, Drums TR808909ish, Vocoder and TB303ish thang. But apparently a whole lot more sonically cause of the digital side. Now I'm going to put my head on the block and say I'm quite excited about them. Personally if they really have created a digital technology with all the analogue circuitry subtleties, randomness etc, then cool! I have my modular system which is everything to me, but still use digital, it's cool too.

Next price?

07-Feb-14 05:01 AM

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