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Blog: The NAMMage is Done
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GTRman    Said...

As a musician I am always looking for that new, fresh sound not more technology. Musicians today are buried in technology so the music today has a tendency to be sterile sounding with no emotional feeling. I heard nothing really ground breaking if you ask me. The Moog Sub 37 was a very cool instrument but once again nothing we have not heard before.

30-Jan-14 08:25 AM

ak    Said...

There was only a single video I was waiting for - Tony Rolando telling Nick about new Make Noise modules. Sadly, this didn't happen. Luckily Herr Schneider did some schneideresque reporting on his Vimeo channel, covering our beloved weirdo booth.

30-Jan-14 08:58 AM

Nick B    Said...

We did our best, I always like to talk to Tony. But I was totally beat on Sunday and there were a LOT of modular people on that booth. Just couldnt manage it

30-Jan-14 10:49 AM

ak    Said...

Still a great effort from you guys (thank you!), but a NAMM without that particular bit feels like you reviewing a synth and not checking for aftertouch - somehow incomplete :)

30-Jan-14 04:53 PM

Meneer Vincent    Said...

Thanks Nick and your team for all the fantastic reviews. It was a interesting week!

31-Jan-14 06:09 PM

Peter K.    Said...

For me the big product was the Sub 37. I think with it's excellent digital control over analog circuits, looping envelopes, etc, its a winner.

03-Feb-14 10:16 AM

ab    Said...

I would like to hear GTRman's music.

04-Feb-14 01:53 AM

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