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NAMM 2014: Cakewalk Introduces iPad Synth
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RP    Said...

$20 for nothing altogether unavailable to date, not sure this will be 'flying off the shelves'.

Question Sonicstaters, I've bought lots of iOS synths to date, and in reality...I just never really use my iPad for music generation. Just the odd spurt of interest. Does everyone else find the same or has anyone switched over to even using the iPad more than say their desktop or laptop for audio.

27-Jan-14 09:08 AM

loneraver    Said...

I used to use this VST all the time 8 years ago and it still sounds pretty good but I don't use it any more as I now have synths that way sound better to me. I doubt I'll pick it up for my iPad as well but if they MAJORLY updated the VST, I WOULD buy it again. (assuming that update it more than what they did with version 2)

I also agree with RP. I've bought lots of iOS synths but I never really use my iPad for much. They are neat to play with but it just doesn't work well with my workflow

27-Jan-14 10:10 AM

Peter K    Said...

Agreed. I think it's because I haven't seen an interface that really works well with it. I have the Alesis I/O Dock, but then it stopped charging the unit. Others have had the same issue. Is there a viable alternative for those of us that want to upgrade to the newer models?

27-Jan-14 05:55 PM

Poodle    Said...

Since getting an iConnectMIDI+2 I have been able to use my iPad synths as plug-ins within Reason.

28-Jan-14 06:52 AM

Velocipede    Said...

I'm interested for nostalgia's sake as it was one of the "hot" plug-in synths not on Mac back when I first started buying them. Frankly, I have a stable of wonderful underutilized VST/AU synths and a small collection of iOS synths that get slightly more use. I've been waiting for the iConnectMIDI+4 and look forward to being able to use various MIDI controllers with iOS synths. This will certainly be added to my short list of synths to buy when I ever get tired of what I already have.

29-Jan-14 11:54 PM

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