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NAMM 2014: Zoom Introduces TAC-2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface
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Mooz    Said...

2-in 2-out for $500.

Are they joking?

the Track16 offers ADAT, Guitar preamps, 4 ins and outs, MIDI and 2 headphone sockets for about that!

Zoom - too expensive and essentially pointless with such a lack of I/O options.

Here's a suggestion: A Thunderbolt peripheral device with no inputs (just a step below yours). I'd say it would run really fast!

27-Jan-14 06:53 AM

old fart    Said...

I'd buy a <$500 Thunderbolt interface for my laptop if it had a couple of inputs and MIDI I/O. Why?

To save USB ports for dongles and external input devices!

No MIDI = I still have to waste a USB port on MIDI.

But not even Zoom's first Thunderbolt product is cheap, and no TB audio interfaces yet feature MIDI. (Read: neither of the two interfaces available...)

27-Jan-14 09:25 AM

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