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NAMM 2014: World's First MIDI Controllers With Fully Motorized Faders And Total Recall
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selercs    Said...

Nice! Behringer has some cool stuff.

26-Jan-14 09:39 AM

Conc    Said...

You know that the CME VX controllers have had motorized controllers long before the Motor line? It's not necessarily a "world' first" thing.

26-Jan-14 10:26 AM

just checking    Said...

"available at a suggested U.S. MAP of $299.99 and $249.99"

doesn't he say 449 and 339 on video?

26-Jan-14 10:28 AM

space2013    Said...

Eh? He said $449 and $349 in the video!

26-Jan-14 12:28 PM

Nathaniel    Said...

Ah yes, the CME VX series. I will never understand how a company could manufacture something simultaneously so sturdy and unreliable.

I have a VX5, and it's a beautiful piece of kit: polished red aluminum that makes Nords look like toys. And yet, I got lucky that I "only" have to factory-reset mine every bloody time I turn it on. And the faders, while cool-looking, get in the way with their jumpiness.

Here's hoping Behringer can make a motorised keyboard that actually works like it's supposed to.

26-Jan-14 01:09 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Give us Polyphonic Aftertouch and then we're talking

26-Jan-14 01:55 PM

whoas    Said...

are those prices (249.99 and 299.99) from the official press release? if so I'd say Behringer might just sell a few of these...

27-Jan-14 01:57 AM

DR.E    Said...

Still not been relaesed... Arrrggg

10-Nov-14 05:05 AM

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