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NAMM 2014: A Chat With Bitwig - Date - Cost
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Lu    Said...

I'm really pleased bigwig are coming out, my worry is that they're going to lose everything they've got, all their hard work because ableton will take them to court on certain looks and features.

I'd really like some reassurance before buying the product, because it is an investment, I want bit wig to be around for more than a couple of releases.

25-Jan-14 03:46 AM

zelra    Said...

yes, ableton could give them some trouble - and rightfully so... and as an ableton user I would not have any problems with that :) I think they might have to remove some features...

25-Jan-14 04:12 AM

Nova. Tion    Said...

That logo is the launchkey's icon, So it won't be just able. Ton

25-Jan-14 06:31 AM

Alan    Said...

For everyone worried about Ableton taking them to court. Don't worry about that, you can not patent software ;)

25-Jan-14 09:39 AM

Me    Said...

For anyone worried about Bitwig sued by Ableton, that's not gonna happen. The guys behind Bitwig are the guys that made Ableton what is it today, almost the same software that was when they left the company. Since then, more bugs, no updates, no innovations. I see a great future for Bitwig.

25-Jan-14 04:15 PM

zelra    Said...

bugs in Ableton? I have been using it for years and never had a problem...

26-Jan-14 03:19 AM

Xix    Said...

These guys aren't the real developers of Ableton Live. They just work there for about 2 years.

26-Jan-14 12:28 PM

Karl    Said...

This software looks cool, but also a bit too cluttered.

27-Jan-14 02:10 AM

Jumping Around    Said...

If Bitwig doesn't come up with a bugless DAW, which truly has new features (which it hasn't IMHO), then they will soon face the music for real.

27-Jan-14 05:51 AM

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