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NAMM 2014: Korg's New Keytar
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LagrangeAudio    Said...


24-Jan-14 09:27 AM

dogg    Said...

I would buy it if it comes with spandex jumpsuit in the box

24-Jan-14 11:16 AM

Boils of Nebulon    Said...

Too bad they could'nt get Jann Hummer to make an appearance with Jens Hannemann.

24-Jan-14 12:15 PM

JMac    Said...

Definitely want one of these!! You can't be truly awesome until you've embraced your cheesy side.

Seems like you can't modulate & pitch bend at the same, which is a shame...

24-Jan-14 01:46 PM

Laurens    Said...

Does it have aftertouch? I love doing vibratos with AT on my Vortex.

The price is very amicable! I might get one of these, it’d be nice to have a standalone instrument.

24-Jan-14 04:24 PM

Hendrien from The Netherlands    Said...

Where or how can I buy the black Alesis Vortex wireless??

26-Jan-14 09:53 AM

Roberto    Said...

Keyboards are getting more narrow, but my fingers are not!

04-Feb-14 08:55 PM

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