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NAMM 2014: Blog - Armchair Commentary From A Distance - Day 1
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LagrangeAudio    Said...

I've got a funny feeling that Roland is doing some clever marketing from a timing perspective here. One of the risks anyone takes at NAMM is being lost in the crowd particularly when everyone is releasing interesting stuff. Me thinks Roland are taking a punt that their announcement in February after seeds have been sown at NAMM will have a bigger impact after the excitement of everything else has died down. I have a fair idea now what Aira is, the question remaining is whether, as you have said, it is box or boxes.

24-Jan-14 02:59 AM

hatethemorning    Said...

Well isn't Roland dead? I mean have you seen the video's, putting 808 sounds in a video about the 909! My feeling is that Roland has lost it completely and have no idea to get out of their shit.

Nobody is waiting for a VA of the old stuff. Unless its mad cheap then of course it can be a commercial succes but is that something we look forward to?

24-Jan-14 04:11 AM

Prognostication Rex    Said...

The new Moog is great..everything else we pretty much expected. Is going to be the NAMM of the great Roland vanishing act ? Now you see you don't..

24-Jan-14 08:00 AM

Minimal6    Said...

Cole, it is a shame they asked you to write a column as you cannot seem to decipher quality vs features vs usability vs relevance! You seem to be more concerned with providing a positive glow to ever release rather than being honest.

24-Jan-14 10:21 AM

Velocipede    Said...

Roland has a smaller presence at NAMM again this year, but they have hardly disappeared.

25-Jan-14 12:19 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

The man is entitled to his opinion. You may disagree but there is no call to accuse him him of dishonesty.

Greg, if you are looking for a VA, give the king korg a serious look? I think it covers so much more ground than this A1 thing. The filters sound creamy smooth and there is a nice variety that are modeled on several classic synths.

I totally agree about the Sub 37. I see one on the horizon, and one of those space age looking theremins.

28-Jan-14 05:53 PM

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