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NAMM 2014: Line 6 Amplifi - Bluetooth Amp from Line 6 (Video)
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tajparis    Said...

That's all well and good, but rather dismissive to the actual target audience of this kind of amp. Not everyone who plays can afford to drop 2k on a hand-wound valve amp. Some of us just play for a hobby and want to jam along to our favorite songs now and then.

This kind of product isn't aimed at tone-heads who play for a living and are trying to define their own sound.

27-Jan-14 01:59 AM

Hobbo    Said...

I completely agree. As far as target marketing you hit the bullseye with me. A superb product for a great price.

Question. What is the brand of instument cable you are using for the set up? The red looks nice and match the equipment too.

27-Jan-14 11:49 AM

Rob    Said...

Yamaha THR? It sounds a thousand times nicer and you don't have to have an iOS device to use it. Line 6 are selling this as a stage amp which is really, seriously isn't. You don't need to drop 2k to buy a decent valve amp, Peavey Classic 30 will run you about $800 half that on eBay. I don't think I was comparing this to a hand wound valve amp, just an amp that actually sounds nice to listen to.

28-Jan-14 03:11 AM

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