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NAMM 2014: Arturia Beat Step - First Look (Video)
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Robert    Said...

Nice looking editor, but is there any way to control gate time from the Beatstep itself?

23-Jan-14 10:55 PM

WaveForm    Said...

I just feel like Arturia really wants me to get into analog/modular synthesis. MiniBrute, MicroBrute, and now a cheap CV/Gate sequencer. They're really on the ball here.

23-Jan-14 11:43 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Looks like a nice little controller at a good price. The sequencer aspect is pretty useful too.

24-Jan-14 12:11 AM

Karen    Said...

The transposing knob isn't very usable for shifting sequences from on chord or key to another. It's great that it works as intermediary between midi cv usb etc, but I just want a decent hardware sequencer.

24-Jan-14 01:43 AM

Glenn    Said...

Love all the vids guys, its almost as exciting as being there. I love this device and can see that it will change what I can do on my modest set up. I will be able to step away from the minibrute and work on another sound device YaY. Seriously, a well priced sequencer is difficult to come by in NZ, especially for those of us interested in modular but not quite there..

24-Jan-14 02:44 AM

Seq    Said...

That wasn't a very good interview !!

Basic question not asked - can the sequencer transmit MIDI notes out (to trigger another MIDI synth or to be recorded into a DAW)?

And: 16 memories only? Why so few? A computer could house thousands ! and does this mean that you can only save 16 sequences, and that's it? What do you do with your 17'th sequence??

Come on Sonicstate, getting a little sloppy with the coverage here. We need practical answers !!

24-Jan-14 05:08 AM

Roy    Said...

If you have lemur on the ipad why not ScaleyKeyPads/ChordRoy a try. A push like scaled midi controller with scaled triad pads programmed chord pads and easily programmed controller bar Demo available at the liine user library

24-Jan-14 05:32 AM

Rp    Said...


I definitely took from the video that Midi is transmitted and is what was controlling the Arturia Vi in Live, so no doubt you can capture those notes in a DAW or play an external synth (Midi or CV it seems)

24-Jan-14 02:23 PM

Steve    Said...

Looks like another killer piece of hardware from Arturia. I still have questions that were not addressed in the vid. Will the sequencer stop/start from host DAW transport? Can the sequences be transposed via MIDI keyboard?

26-Jan-14 10:46 AM

Z-tits    Said...

I have been waiting so many frickin years for some company to make this I just wanna puke now that its finally here. Thank you Arturia -you get an A+ woody

22-Feb-14 07:18 PM

Andrew    Said...

Can it transmit a 16 note sequence via midi and a totally seperate 16 step sequence via cv (for filter cutoff) If so this is amazing. Would cost hundreds in modular to do this.

26-Feb-14 11:33 AM

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