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NAMM 2014: Korg Releases Gadget Mobile Synth Studio For iPad
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GovernmentYard    Said...

Somewhat choppy on iPad 3, which isn't great for a<2 year old machine. Still, a fantastic range of powerful little synths and clip/scene arrangement which the cool kids are all about these days. And it looks lovely.

23-Jan-14 05:10 PM

Sander J Alkemade    Said...

On my Ipad Air this runs fantastic and the sound is so professional, it's like Reason on the Ipad, this is the best app i've played with so far. And a lot of fun too ;-)

23-Jan-14 05:39 PM

Antilles    Said...

Works ok on my ipad 3. It's fun!

23-Jan-14 05:58 PM

Bobbbb    Said...

Mostly ok on ipad 2

23-Jan-14 07:13 PM

Kashou    Said...

Works perfectly on iPad mini. Very nice as a sketchpad.

23-Jan-14 11:56 PM

RP    Said...

Thoroughly amazing (iPad Air). So well thought out workflow and sounds so good. Best iPad Audio app I've ever used. Look forward to the SonicTouch review.

No doubt korg will extend the gadget range in the future. Maybe even a third party RE type thing. Yup, this is reason for iPad, amazed Props didn't do something like this up to now.

24-Jan-14 01:04 PM

Jim    Said...

Worth noting that InterApp-Audio and Audiobus are not supported in Gadget yet but Korg has promised that they will be included in a future update.

24-Jan-14 03:01 PM

rezazel    Said...

Korg, please release this for PC...

27-Jan-14 03:55 AM

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