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NAMM 2014: Build Your Own Korg MS-20
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SQ10maxi    Said...

Hardly DIY when all you to do is screw a few things together. I was expecting a soldering iron to be involved.

I wonder if Korg is saving much on assembly... otherwise, just have someone else buy an MS-20 mini and have them unscrew it for you. :) Almost a nice idea, though.

23-Jan-14 01:20 PM

brian from usa    Said...

???????????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23-Jan-14 01:43 PM

GTRman    Said...

And why would I want to do that. I would rather spend my time making music.

23-Jan-14 02:11 PM

herman from the munsters    Said...

it would be great,when there are some other options:like other colours of the;buttons,potis,faceplate,sidepanels,keys!or such other moduls where you can build in:osc,filters,or analog efx!it`s a great idea,to see how too build a synth,how it`shown inside,and i think for my self,that i`m more into build a ms-20 than a ms-20mini!when you look at these prices of a good old ms-20 they are a littlebit higher when they sell them as second-hand on the web or in shops!

23-Jan-14 02:52 PM

SQ10mini    Said...

Oh, FULL SIZE! I take it back! Cool!

23-Jan-14 02:56 PM

Robin M.    Said...

I'd rather have an original for the same price. If this was truly DIY with non surface mount resistors, IC chips, capacitors etc. where you had to solder every component and the price was around $1000 I would definitely buy it just for the fun of building an MS-20 from scratch. This kit is such a weird repackaging direction to take by Korg in my opinion.

23-Jan-14 03:38 PM

Greg    Said...

Ummmm $599 for a slightly smaller one already put together or $1400 for a box of parts? I don't get it. I get that it might be fun and educational to assemble, but is there any other advantage to building one other than that and it being full sized? I must be missing something.

23-Jan-14 04:14 PM

CI    Said...

It is a matter of preference I guess. Some people are willing to shell out more cash for the REAL sized thing !

23-Jan-14 04:39 PM

TAO    Said...

I hope this kit will soon be followed by a full-sized and assembled Ms. 20.

23-Jan-14 05:12 PM

TAO    Said...

I hope this kit will soon be followed by a full-sized and assembled MS 20.

23-Jan-14 05:13 PM

Lu    Said...

i'm cool with not having to solder it together, i do NOT want to spend that kind of money on something that I have rendered useless by accidentally blowing it up.

What I'm not clear on is why it's $1500, i understand the MS-20 is a big deal, but there's no midi, none of the inter-connectivity of the 'mini'. no aftertouch... i mean its great they got both filters in there but in the end it's not an original MS-2o because it has both filters and because it's using modern components to replace the old ones no longer available.

i would be happy to swallow all these things if it were a bit cheaper, but at $1500 i can get the Moog sub37, superbly built, aftertouch, sequencer, and millions of in depth features.

Moog have definitely stolen the show this year, Korg have just confused me. The quality of the Mini isn't great, the quality of the volca's isn't great, you can pass that by at a sub $500 price. but at $1500 i really need to know I have something rock solid and compatible with my gear. It seems like Moog is the way to go for that.

23-Jan-14 07:09 PM

Lu    Said...

Oh i see this article shows USB and midi ARE included.. .that's a relief...

23-Jan-14 07:13 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Don't get it, unless it's Korg testing the water for other DIY ventures into the future.

But let me think - unassembled MS20 or Sub37 for the same money - hmm - let me think...

And - 1000 only - what's that about?

23-Jan-14 08:06 PM

Karen    Said...

See I might understand it better if it were the SQ-10.

I get why Korg are doing this, I get why it's limited edition, but you know, a lot of us are thinking - do i wanna hang out in a queue for something i cant even listen to before i buy it? do i want more bang for my buck? Do I want to spend the same money on a tried and true MS-20 on eBay?

23-Jan-14 11:34 PM

THe Guvnor    Said...

Does it come with a sticker that tells you that you invalidate your warranty if you open it up?

24-Jan-14 12:17 AM

cronbg    Said...

IKEA synth

24-Jan-14 12:55 PM

Zvook    Said...

I guess it will be more sturdy than the MINI, no "wobbly knobs"

24-Jan-14 08:04 PM

Nick B    Said...

RE: build quality - yes the knobs are all bolted to the chasis I wiggled them myself - like the original and btw, I'm not sure you could find an original for $1300 on eBay

25-Jan-14 01:15 AM


I didn't know when I played this at NAMM this weekend that it was a "DIY", I thought Korg was just being cool and selling a full sized MS20. It felt great, it sounded killer (man alive, the ms20 fillters are some of the coolest sounding filters i've heard), but to find out that this is a build it yourself for "only $1500." Somebody at Korg owes my hopes an apology. Sounded great though.

27-Jan-14 12:35 AM

Peter K.    Said...

This is cool, but when you put this up against a Sub 37 for a similar price which comes assembled... I dunno. I think the Mini is the better value.

29-Jan-14 11:49 AM

Peter K.    Said...

To clarify, the MS-20 Mini is the better value compared to the full size version. The knobs on mine have been cool.

I think I would rather get the Moog and the Mini in this scenario.

29-Jan-14 11:51 AM

SeanInJapan    Said...

Good god, my prayers have finally been answered. The mini-keys were the only thing holding me back from the last iteration and I'd suspect I'm not alone on that. Sweet! Nice one Korg!

29-Jan-14 11:55 PM

Woo    Said...

@SeanInJapan: You're not playing chords, you don't need full-sized keys.

To anyone who likes this: you're drunk. For this price you can get two ms-20 minis and a Monotribe and a Montron. It's an idiotic product that will be snapped up by fools and collectors.

30-Jan-14 06:37 AM

SoundsAFoolMusic    Said...

I hate mini keyboards. 2 filter types makes it worthwhile. Full 1/4 inch sockets (more robust than 3.5mm) that can plug straight into my Korg Monopoly/SH101 (and Guitar into MS20 using standard guitar cable) make it a very good buy and something that would last as plugging and unplugging is something I would be doing a lot!

Both those were putting me off the mini. Would have loved a MIDI clock but can do that from my kenton box. So for the money - to me totally worth it!

30-Jan-14 07:15 AM

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