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NAMM 2014: Moog Sub 37 - Prototype First Look
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Fairbanks    Said...

Bravo Moog. Bravo Nick.

23-Jan-14 03:16 AM

Champ    Said...


Now where did I put those tissues.

23-Jan-14 03:57 AM

Barry    Said...

This looks really great. love what it does already but that fact Amos can add OS updated means this could be really special Moog. I suppose I've got to sell my sub phatty now!

23-Jan-14 03:58 AM

Glenn Cassidy    Said...

I'll never have a Rolls, but I just may have a Sub 37.

23-Jan-14 05:24 AM


Is there a way you can have a preamp in front of your camera. I know we are all cool with mobile news gathering but for F's sake it' an audio gig.

23-Jan-14 05:40 AM

robgs    Said...

That is a really really cool synth. Congrats Moog!

23-Jan-14 06:06 AM

Lu    Said...

Oh my freaking god I'm in love! I love how he makes an AWESOME sound and says "that's pretty good" understatement!! Every sound it makes is heaven. Latch keys on the panel, step sequencing, god everything I never liked about my LP. Even wood side panels! Shit where will I find the money? This BLOWS the brute, bass station, MS-20 mini or otherwise out of the water.

23-Jan-14 06:27 AM

brian from usa    Said...

Moog should have waited a year and skipped the SubPhatty altogether...this is so much of an improvement, it's ridiculous.

23-Jan-14 06:33 AM

asiohead    Said...

Absolutely brilliant synth ! Goosebumps ! It just sounds incredible. I was constantly thinking .. yeah turn this, tweak that one and now modulate that ... inspiring ... I want one ! And I think for all this functionality (step sequencing, dual modulation, those envelope functions, feedback ... ) and Moog build quality the price great ! I hope when they ship it will have the brushed aluminum panel or give you the option to have it. Cause I really liked that look. And Nick, especially for you ... aftertouch ! :D

23-Jan-14 06:39 AM

petterw    Said...

I´m gonna put in my pre order NOW!

23-Jan-14 06:41 AM

PeterC    Said...

I could not bring myself to buy the SubPhatty, it sounded good but not complete enough for my needs.

Now I can't wait to order/buy/Receive delivery of this Sub37. To me this is a new classic I got to have!

23-Jan-14 07:09 AM

PonyMoog    Said...

not enough expensive .... want a poly !!!

23-Jan-14 07:41 AM

HT    Said...

Did he say $1500? That's a lot of synth for the money with more features to come. I presume it has full CV capabilities.

BTW. Good work Nick.

23-Jan-14 07:41 AM

Blake    Said...

They put this out there for $1500 or less and I'm buying one!. Finally a modern analog with just about one knob per function!

23-Jan-14 07:44 AM

Lu    Said...

Woot! Arpeggiator has rests and... Ties! We have SLIDE! On the front panel.. And back/forth and invert. Crazy crazy cool! And I love the on off buttons on the mixer, and HUGE number of presets. This synth is real value for money from moog. I can't stop watching the video! (Every time I do I start worrying what I'll have to sell to pay for this baby!) step sequencer!? This was the reason I didn't buy a voyager, no step sequencer!

23-Jan-14 08:01 AM

GTRman    Said...

This is exactly why I saved my money and did not purchase any $500.00 toy crap boxes in the last couple of years. Finally a synth worth having, nice work Moog I can always count on you.

23-Jan-14 08:01 AM

Lu    Said...

Amos i love you!

23-Jan-14 08:34 AM

nammlink    Said...

Back to YouTube! iOS MP4 dies at 18m14s...

23-Jan-14 09:40 AM

D    Said...

What a beautiful sounding instrument!

23-Jan-14 09:48 AM

CR78    Said...

Blown away.

Amos is THE BEST presenter; so perfectly articulate in going over the features; a real Synth Buddha.

23-Jan-14 10:11 AM

Beatbunny    Said...

You can really see that Amos loves what he does and it shows in this great instrument, killer synth.

23-Jan-14 11:09 AM

DBM    Said...

Damn you Moog .... Got have this one !

23-Jan-14 11:20 AM

xyzzy    Said...

It's beautiful. It's everything I wanted the Phatty to develop into. Four knobs are not enough!!! What a beautiful package, and at a not-too-unreasonable price for what you get (physical user interface, keyboard, sound!).

23-Jan-14 11:27 AM

mb    Said...

I will trade my Voyager OS for this one. Amazing set of features

23-Jan-14 11:45 AM

Namm; you weren't there man!!    Said...

Yup, that's going to be the next purchase for me. Moog have listened to feedback and given us what we wanted! Have to say; Amos is the man! He's also on the Moog Phatty forum helping owners with software/firmware problems all the time. That's another reason to buy a Moog!

23-Jan-14 12:03 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...


Just - Wow!

Minimoog - your true replacement has just arrived.

23-Jan-14 02:15 PM

James    Said...

Does the Sub 37 have more features then the Old School?

23-Jan-14 03:39 PM

73 buS gooM    Said...

Today day is the day i stop bitching about Moog. Well done. I will be first in line to buy this one

23-Jan-14 03:45 PM


Amos' video for Sonic State last year is entirely why I bought the Sub Phatty. And this video is why I'll upgrade to the 37.

23-Jan-14 05:10 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

This is a fantastic synth. With the paraphonic capability, multipole filters the Envelope features, this can sound not only like a Moog, but like a MonoPoly and a CS30. And then - aftertouch - including on LFO rate - like a bloody CS80 ! This is seriously, SERIOUSLY impressive. And - this Moog presenter is fantastic - so understated but precise in revealing stunning features. Everything about this synth is astounding. And the price is right (I thought it was a bit expensive at first but given the quality and capabilities - Wow again!

23-Jan-14 07:40 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Me wants one!

24-Jan-14 12:25 AM

dave71    Said...

Please please please put a delay on one of the Lfo's

24-Jan-14 01:11 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

I am unclear about any CV connections. Does anyone know for sure?

24-Jan-14 01:43 PM

Lu    Said...

Atomic Shadow, CV/GATE INPUTS: Filter CV, Pitch CV, Volume CV, KB Gate

24-Jan-14 02:27 PM

Andy    Said...

Agree - looks to be the best of the Phattys

24-Jan-14 04:19 PM


Sexy but i think that sinse the modular days they've forgotten about high pass filters and ring mods. Without those two features, to me, it's a waste of potential, particularly for processing external sounds.

24-Jan-14 07:27 PM

Peter K.    Said...

This exceeded my expectations. I'm getting one, period.

24-Jan-14 11:59 PM

Lu    Said...

That second last commenter: this has the moog ladder filter -a dynamic low pass and high pass filter. It also has ring mod, because all you need is two mod sources to make ring modulation.

25-Jan-14 11:29 PM

Nick    Said...

Any idea on a British price for this yet? $1500 translates to about £900, but of course we always pay more (the sub phatty was $999 and £850!)

26-Jan-14 01:05 PM

synthnerd    Said...

sooooooo close. multimode filter is really a pretty standard thing to have. It does nearly everything i want...except go from high to low. then again, if the put the highpass on it id never have to buy another synth so I guess it makes sense from a business perspective

26-Jan-14 03:52 PM

Peter K    Said...

Hi James,

When you add in the digital control, MIDI, and everything else, I'd say that it does offer more overall than the OS.

The main difference between them is that the OS has three fully independent oscillators, and has a true multi mode filter, which can be important.

As an owner of an OS and a LP Tribute, I can say that the Sub 37 has more of the features that I'd actually end up using. I think it's the best of all worlds from Moog. Again, I'm truly impressed with what they've done.

27-Jan-14 07:09 PM

congo bongo    Said...

anderton's have a special edition up for pre sale already;56375;2717&utm_source=googlebase&utm_term=SUB37&utm_medium=pricecomp&utm_campaign=GoogleShopping&gclid=CIT58tjcobwCFXGWtAodI3wA6g

28-Jan-14 03:41 PM

Sir Ced the "Synth" Man    Said...

At long last... "THE" true "successor" to the 1980's release of "the SOURCE" Moog synthesizer which I've very happily owned and am currently using in my church's praise and worship team/band. I hope to acquire one "one" of these days. since I currently am living in Asheville, North Carolina perhaps I can work out a "deal" at the Moog Store near downtown! I'm looking forward to seeing Kraftwerk, Bernie Worrell, Keith Emerson and others at Moogfest 2014 in late April! :)

12-Feb-14 10:02 PM

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