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NAMM 2014: Behringer Motor 61 - Moving Faders On a Keyboard
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Uli_B    Said...

Behringer Motor 61 - Moving Faders On a Keyboard*

*at least for the first few weeks of the product's life

23-Jan-14 02:53 PM

audionerd    Said...

Looks nice, especially since this would be the first keyboard with which you could do a motorized Hammond drawbars setup. In that regard: would be nice if it also offered a 'shallow triggering' option, so that the note-on is generated at the start of pressing down on the key, similar to an organ.

23-Jan-14 04:33 PM

Mex    Said...

"*at least for the first few weeks of the product's life"

BCF controllers are still going strong after 6 years. Can't say the same for Mackie's.

23-Jan-14 05:53 PM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah my BCF is still going after many years

23-Jan-14 10:04 PM

Adriaan Taylor    Said...

Yes they totally need an 88 version with that setup.. maybe 16 pads..

23-Jan-14 10:05 PM

MTBUR    Said...

perhaps behringer could make an cheap copy of poly analog synth with motorized knobs like mephisto vermona ? it woulb an intant killer of moog even the mean time before failure is extremly short !

24-Jan-14 04:38 AM

David Kowaleski    Said...

Does this work with Mainstage so that when you scroll through patches, the faders will instantly match the on-screen levels? If so, when can I buy it??

01-Feb-14 11:41 AM

DeBrione    Said...

Whats missing from this is another big deal regarding Behringer products. Three year full warranty for all their new product lines including the Motor line of keyboards. Know of any other manufacturer that's going to stand behind their product like Behringer? Pretty damn confident in their QC and engineering if you ask me. And FWIW my cheap ass UMX610 feels and plays as good as the $600+ controller from Novation and feels waay better than anything from M-Audio. I personally can't wait for the Motor 61 to be released, I still can't believe that their price point for the board is $299. Do I think it will be reliable and solid? Hell yeah. I for one am really looking forward to running Reaper with it.

08-Mar-14 02:50 AM

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